Day 239: Thursday 24 December

Having completed a haul through Noosa’s  charity shops I must say I am underwhelmed. Very.

I only managed to buy a single denim item, culottes, after sitting in a change room trying on a pile of half-priced jeans.

Sometimes a Size 10 is waaaay too small. In fact sometimes a Size 12 is just too snug for comfort.

A pile of too tight denim. Sometimes I'm fatter than I think

The girl with the digital camera

Top: Ivy Australia chambre vest, so light so airy

Bottom: Cotton On (or mutton on?) denim shorts

Accessory: See denim bag in the first pic, you can just glimpse the strap in the mirror


4 Responses to Day 239: Thursday 24 December

  1. Offman says:

    Nice pile, very arty.

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