Day 240: Friday 25 December

Friday 25 December.

I do believe that’s Christmas Day, which you should be able to tell by the new page header image.

I have eaten and drunk a lot so it must be true coz normally I wouldn’t do either of those things… drink OR eat heaps, or blog after eating and drinking a bulk.

However I am blogging with a beer in a stubby holder next to me while the plum pudding is bubbling away on the stove.

Christmas had been good to me. I got more JEG-fuk’n-GINGS!!! Yes jeggings for Christmas.

These ones are top quality. They have REAL pockets, not those pseudo stitched pockets. I can put my wallet in these pockets, or my hand or someone else’s hand, or my ciggies or you know… whatever.

So you know, have an ace Christmas Day, although it is nearly done here on the Sunshine Coast, enjoy everything and try to wear a shade of denim cos you know you’ll feel better.

As you will see below I feel better for wearing denim in 30 degree heat. Truthfully, I think I look a little dazed and confused, but honestly compared to everyone else, I really don’t look too bad. Really, I don’t. No honestly I look awesome.

Me + jeggings + crochet Xmas decorations + tinsel = good times

Top: Chambre Supre Xmas vesty

Bottom: Brand new jeggings, only a little crotchey and hardly camel toe-y at all

Accessory: Denim birkies


2 Responses to Day 240: Friday 25 December

  1. Offman says:

    Couldn’t you have tried to find some red or green denim? Or even white for chrissake, you ARE in Queensland!!!

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