Day 245: Wednesday 30 December

Exciting times. It’s the day before the day that’s the last day of the year, and YoD is on the move.

Yep, I’m heading south where the op shops are cheap and cheery (although no excellent boozy Santas EVER!) and it never stops raining.

On my way south I have scheduled a stop on the Gold Coast because I want to go op shopping on  the Isle of Capri. That’s a bit of a lie, I’d be happy op shopping just about anywhere. Even Nambour. And really, I’m visiting a friend who has returned after sailing all around the world with 2 kids and even more incredibly a husband!

Here’s my ‘Farewell Queensland’ look…

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, babe I hate to go...

Top: I’m getting bored of my few denim tops. Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: How many more times over the next week will I have to wear this JeansWest skirt!!??

Accessory: Denim birkies starting to chafe from over wearing


3 Responses to Day 245: Wednesday 30 December

  1. holdend says:

    salty hair there

  2. Offman says:

    Winsome look! Very sultry.

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