Day 277: Sunday 31 January

January 31, 2010

Well that’s the first month of the new year over and done with. It’s also the ninth month of the Year of Denim completed with full satisfaction.

Only three months of denim wearing remaining, and that raises a few questions…

1. What shall I do when the Year of Denim is over, the Year of Polyester? Email suggestions to

2. Where shall I hold the End of the Year of Denim Spectacular? Email suggestions to

3. What shall I do with all the denim? Email suggestions to

4. Is there still time to make Taxi a denim collar?

6. Should I start customising what denim I have?

7. Should I stop buying denim?

I’m off to work now where I can contemplate the answers to these serious matters.

I am only looking at the pictures, seriously

Top: Unworn for a while, Aussie crafted MSK denim vest

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans

Accessory: Denim slides, another quality donation from fashion spotter D-Ho


Day 276: Saturday 30 January

January 30, 2010


First pics from my new camera!

Spot the difference between crap old camera and flashy new hi resolution sooper dooper camera!

See how much younger Taxi looks! See my sun damaged skin in excruciating detail! Count the hairs on my legs and under my arms!

Secret spot by Wolli Creek, me in adventure denim

Top: Incredible hand customised denim vest donated by Lightfoot Studios

Bottom: T-Plus denim shorts, ready for hard yakka n action

Accessory: Denim birkies, in cross country mode

Afternoon update…

I’m off to the movies now. Have fun on your Saturday nights…

Grrrrrrr I'm ready to rumble

Top: Lovin Supre’s line in nasty cheap denim. Hmm, might drop into the outlet store next week

Bottom: Gap skinny leg, fat chick jeans

Accessory: Denim gym boots

Day 275: Friday 29 January

January 29, 2010

Gee it’s easy to spend money if you try.

I have decided that the Year of Denim deserves better documentation and have purchased a new bigger, brighter, heavier, larger, more expensive, digital camera.

Of course the battery has no charge so I can’t actually break USE it today. But stay tuned for a noticeable improvement in image quality. But then again, this is a web page so there will probably be no difference at all.

The blog entries will stay as low brow as normal, so no need to worry about whether you will need a dicyionary book to check words with in order to read YoD.

Today’s look harks back to the good old days of peak denim wearing (in my mind), of the 1970s. Back when everyone rocked the double denim because let’s face it it’s a rockin’ good look!

Marvin Gaye, very good looking in double denim

And it wasn’t just cool good looking black folk who could give the double denim both street and fashion cred. Check out these celebrity whities and tell me how awe inspiring their denim outfits are…

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasting fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's own Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasts fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

While I have aimed high today, somehow I don’t know that I am quite as significant culturally as those denim celebrities. Maybe once I have attained the one year landmark of constant denim wearing I too might have my own Wikipedia entry…

Does my _ _ _ _ _ _ look big in this camera? Taxi gives a rat's arse

Top: Once again in a Dragstar vest. That label is getting a heavy workout this week

Bottom: Ahhh, old favs, Landlubber vintage denim high waisted flares. Lovely if only the waist wouldn’t roll down

Accessory: Glamour Girl denim cap. I’m pretty certain it’s a 1970s original all the way from Japan

Day 274: Thursday 28 January

January 28, 2010

It’s late but I have been out and about and in denim too.

I went for a walk along the southern side of Coogee. Dolphins entertained the masses and me. I went for a dippity-do in one of the rock pools near Singo’s house, D-Ho made me a toasted sandwich for brunch and now I’m home. Here’s what I wore on the walk. Of course I didn’t think to take a photo ON the walk because that would be sensible…

I looked pissed off and I don't know why. Send your suggestions to....

Top: Ivy chambre vest still too clammy for Sydney’s humidity

Bottom: Rusty shorts rolled up to stop them dragging on scabby knee, which BTW has finally formed  a scab and is not quite so wet and gooey, thanks for asking

Accessory: Dragstar pale denim bag. Just the right size

Check back later for an exciting outfit update. Yawn.


And I was getting bored of denim. Well, then I hit one of the local charity organisations and dug up what I consider to be quite a find, which I am now wearing to work…

Yippe yi yo it's denim culottes!

Top: Dragstar press studded snug bosom squeezing vest

Bottom: Yup, denim culottes. Even better they are vintage Australian made, never worn (til this moment), still with the tag, denim magic!

Accessory: Dragstar bag I was hoiking around this morning

Check out the label…

Ding dong Aywon calling

Day 273: Wednesday 27 January

January 27, 2010

Has everyone recovered from feeling a rush of patriotism, jingoism and nationalism?

I know I have.

Killing in the name of Australia was quite an exhausting experience. I don’t know how soldiers do it.

Anyway, I celebrated Oi Oi Oi by going to Enmore Park with the family. My nieces got crafty with cupcakes, my nephews ran around re-enacting Star Wars.

Nieces bearing hand decorated cupcakes. Such talent

So now it’s back to work today after a few days away. This is what I’m wearing until then. I’ll put on some office gear in a couple of hours, and if I can be bothered I’ll update this here blog.

Shady shot of Taxi, Ugh and me

Top: Supre vest, all rucked up and nowhere to go

Bottom: Abercrombie & Finch cut offs sliding down my arse

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Out of sight denim birkies

Taxi admires me blurry and sweaty in red trim

And now I’m heading of to work in this ensemble…

Top: JeansWest shruggie vesty mini jacket. HOT!

Bottom: JJs cheap ‘n lightweight but still slimy

Accessory: Denim bag with red piping, tying outfit together seamlessly

Day 272: Tuesday 26 January

January 26, 2010

Happy White Riot day everyone.

What an action packed morning I have had so far.

I got up extra bonus early, especially for a public holiday, and did a 6am yoga class. I then thought what better way to mark ‘Straya Day than by going to the beach. Bit of  mistake…

I get to Bondi just after 8am and it is packed. Not just packed with people but packed with giant inflatable thongs boldly emblazoned with ‘Stryan fags (true typo!) flags. Yikes! Anyways, I had a swim to wash off the slimy yoga juices then met up with one of the YoD’s commentariat Mr PeteNel.

Being a true blue Ozzie guy of generous spirit he bought me breakfast cos’, also in the true spirit of ‘Straya, I was too lazy to walk to the car to get my (denim) wallet.

Breakfast was quite pleasant until a table of true blue South African middle aged Aussies sat down to discuss wealth and their incredible jet setting lifestyles all at full volume turned up to 11..

Do I really have to listen to somebody shouting about how many fly-buys they earn allowing them to take the whole family around the world once a year?

Well yes, apparently I do. Alongside that fascinating information I also had to listen to how great Haviana are for making so much money out of flogging inflatable thongs at $30 a pop to the great Ozzie public, who think it’s an awesome idea to celebrate the Spirit of Australia (which I always thought was Bundaberg Rum) by lying in the water on a huge blow up Brazilian thong.

I had to scull (another great Austrayan tradition) my coffee to escape their true blue money obsession. I jumped back in the car and headed home.

As I headed west back to Marrickville I made the ultimate ‘Straya Day gesture, celebrating one of modern Australia’s gretest triumphs. I killed some wildlife.

Yep. A bird flew headlong into the grill of Ugh the Camry, sacrificing itself so that I could fully realise the greatness of this country and it’s incredible achievement of having one of the highest rates of animal extinction in the world.

Oi oi oi.

And really I should have saved yesterday’s t-shirt for today. But I didn’t, so I am wearing this instead. I may change later for early dinner round the corner. We’ll see…

After such a busy morning what shall I fill the rest of my day with, I contemplate

Top: Mum’s hand crafted denim vest, black

Bottom: Abercrombie & Finch, I’m celebrating Straya by wearing American

Accessory: And further celebrating Ozzieness by wearing German denim birkies

Day 271: Monday 25 January 2010

January 25, 2010

Although it doesn’t look like it I am off to the beach yet again. I have become completely addicted to the beach all over again. And really, you’re lucky I am blogging at all when my true desire is to rush off and have a surf.

So I’ll be quick.

In a tribute to Avacrap I have left my denim related rope light up. Really I should get a night time photo, maybe tonight even...

Top: Supre ( how I love you) denim vest, snug over the chub

Bottom: Dragstar denim skirt, I haven’t worn it in ages

Accessory: Dragstar slouchy beach bag

What’s that t-shirt I here people over the age of 35 ask.
Let me show you…

Life. Be in it 'Norm Award' t-shirt with bonus stains. And it's mine