Day 247: Friday 1 January

Welcome to the year twenty ten or as it’s usually put… 2010.

I am absolutely trashed ‘n smashed. It’s now 2.30pm and my brain has partially returned from wherever it’s been.

My body was at Lismore’s premier gay and lesbian night of nights, Tropical Fruits. I suspect I had a good time. Once my brain has settled back in I should know for sure. All I can say is that it was a novel experience being ‘out of it’ at 10pm. Although I suspect being ‘out of it’ really aided in making the fireworks an incredible display of awe inspiring fire power, dazzle and  old time shock and awe.

Somehow I have to now drive down to t Byron Bay and catch up with an old friend, so here’s pictures…

A very damp pile of sweaty denim the day after the big night out

I thought I’d throw this one in because if you lok at yesterday’s blog you will see how nice I looked when I left. If this web stuff could do odour-ama you would know that I wasn’t looking or smellin’ so nice at 5.30am when I drove (yes drove WTF!!!!???) back home.

Today I look like this…

I am ashamed of my hair and my head hurts but Rubie still likes me


Top 1: Levis branded singlet, I reckon it counts, the rest of you can go read the rules if you don’t believe me

Top 2: Supre vest only 2 sizes too smal

Bottom:  Rusty chambre shorts ready to get filthy again

Accessory: Denim Mavi bag, little, nice



2 Responses to Day 247: Friday 1 January

  1. raquel says:

    may your new year be full of fabulous 80’s stonewash and 70’s faded blue denims! x

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