Day 249: Sunday 3 January

Another hot and steamy day is well under way up heree in the Northern rivers region. 

My shorts are paradoxcally too long an making my legs sweat in a nasty way, plus having to wear a vest at all times means I always have 2 layers on top. Grossly over dressed!!! 

Anyways… This morning I have been lurking around the Lsimore car boot market, and what a joy it was! I bought a camphor laurel bread board for $20, a lovely pink chenille bed spread for the bargain price of $25, some nice orange plastic salad servers, a choc-nut slice but NO damn denim! 

There was a rack of excellent bargin priced ($3) deim jeans, but every single one was way too small for my beer enhanced gut. 

Oh well. Not everyone can be supermodel thin. I am supermodel fat instead… 

Looking hot next to Graeme's amazing West German lamp


Top:  Ivy brand chambre vest in need of some deep cleansing 

Bottom: So hot they hurt TopGirl blue denim long shorts 

Accessory: Maki denim bag just the right size for a tiny bag to be 

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to make the blog more of a travelogue here’s a couple of shots that might give you some idea of what I have been up to in Lismore… 

Me being savaged by Rubie, Taxi oblivious


The above action shot was taken yesterday before we went out to an extraordinary evening of adult oriented entertainment called “Freak Out”. It was hosted by the extraordinary Stan Monroe, a local drag veteran from the lovely town of Kyogle. He/she is quite the card and hosted with aplomb and humour. 

Of course being mildly brain damaged from New Years Eve meant I didn’t bring my camera, so you are ging to have to use your mind’s eye to conjure up images. There was some pole dancing, one act being 2 girls on the pole at the same time, but they weren’t quite as good as Scarlett, who sure knows how to work a pole. 

One of the acts was a drag cover version of Hole’s song Celebrity Skin. I can’t remember ‘her’ name, but I think she could do with some movement classes to giver her routine a bit more pizzazz. A pretty young plump girl stylishly mimed to a Lily Allen song “Fuck you very much”. 

Ummm.  Another lady sung Johnny Cash’s famous ‘Ring of Fire’ while she lit matches. There was a best dressed segment and then one of our party was suddenly overcome with drunken paralysis and we had to head home. But for $10 it was a good night out at the Italo Club, although we did have to eat out of date chips for dinner. 

And here’s a picture of some artful mince meat from Lismore square… 

Mince mountains with green interiors


6 Responses to Day 249: Sunday 3 January

  1. Lonelysheep says:

    oooh, what lovely meat mountains you have! A Northern Rivers teaser for Casino’s Beef Week to be sure….

  2. Durationale says:

    Love the lit matches to Ring of Fire routine. Is this the live equivalent of the Literal Video phenomenon?

  3. Goffers says:

    That beef is gross, but would go well with denim.
    You are supermodelfat??? Umm…

  4. Mayhem says:

    LOVE the mince. Nanna is totally inspired!

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