Day 252: Wednesday 6 January

Aaaah Sydney. Such a temperate clime. So moderate and pleasant.

What I really mean is ‘Hurrah! I can wear jeans again!’. In other good news Sydney’s high today of 25 degrees means I can wear a t-shirt and not a singlet, and a waistcoat without sweating like a football player. All of which means you passionate followers of YoD won’t have to look at my upper arms today at least.

The last 2 weeks away north have been a gruelling fashion event for YoD. The heat and humidity in Queensland and the north coast of NSW resulted in me being unable to wear over two thirds of the clothes I brought with me. So I apologise for my lack of foresight and limited clothing range for the past fortnight.

Hopefully I can rectify the past with some stunning new looks… maybe I’ll start tomorrow. Or the day after, or even the day after that…

Anyways, here I am with my charity shop holiday haul. Amongst this pile is something I have been in a desperate search for since time immemorial when the Year of Denim started on April 30 2009. Try to guess what it is…

Trash or treasure? I think of it as booty

Top: Dragstar vest, how I’ve missed you

Bottom: Very pleasant to wear JayJay’s lightweight jeans

Accessory: Go on have a guess…. what is my new longed for accessory that I can almost giurantee I will have on me at all times? Vote in the poll….

Another ‘thing (not denim) I was absolutely stoked (ancient surfer term meaning thrilled, excited, very very happy) to find was this…

People get ready for the Year of the Bottle Cutter

Yes! At last a K-Tel Bottle Cutter kit for the bargain price of 50c (I love Port Macquarie oppies). Unfortunately the most crucial piece seems to be missing, the blade that does the cutting! Of course I only realised this once I got home and excitedly got the Bottle Cutter out to fiddle with only to notice the missing element.

Back to my most needed mystery item. I hope you (all 7 of you) have voted in the poll. So here it is, that thing YoD needs most of all in YoD’s honest opinion…

The holy grail of denim accessories... the denim wallet

I sense some eye rolling out there. Well fuck tha lotta youse, I’m washing the dog and taking my NEW DENIIM BLUE JEANS WALLET to Woolies


4 Responses to Day 252: Wednesday 6 January

  1. Goffers says:

    I gasped when I saw the bottle cutter too…it looks like a very valuable asset to any girl’s box of tricks.
    Congratulations on the denim wallet, tres necessaire.

  2. petenel says:

    all you need now is some denim cash.

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