Day 254: Friday 8 January

Happy 40th Viv!!

Off to the exciting metropolis of Adelaide today to help Viv celebrate her milestone (millstone). But first I really do have to pull down some Christmas lights.

I packed away the crochet nativity scene the other day. Here are exciting photos of that activity…

Little baby Jesus safely wrapped up in denim swaddling

Mary without her denim veil but with a touch of Bethleham belly

As I was carefully packing the Holy Mother away I noticed an apparition on the back of her veil/hijab. Was it the face of God? Aaah, no. I think poor Mary has had the squirts. I didn’t wash her though, just put her in the plastic bag with all the others. Is that disrespectful?

Bearing gifts of frankinscense, denim and myhrrh

You will know him by his denim crown

Bored with all the craft? Well here’s my in-flight outfit, front and back view today just because…

Do I look like a model? Naah pose all you like, you're not model material

And from behind….

Lots of behind but not much arse

Top: I am really into the cheap denim now that I have discovered the Supre outlet store, nothing over $15! This pre-aged denim vest looks the works

Bottom: More cheap denim, both in price and label. JeansWest ‘Skinny’ jeans. What I like is how they sort of look like jeggings

Accessory: Lightfoot Studios loaner bag. High fashion not low. I have a funny story about Lightfoot Studios but I don’t think I should put it in writing…

See you all tomorrow with an exciting blog from Adelaide.


6 Responses to Day 254: Friday 8 January

  1. holdend says:

    do the jeans FEEL like leggings? because really that would be awesome.

    • Year of Denim says:

      No the jeans don’t feel like leggings cos’ leggings make the hairs on my legs static.
      And the zipper keeps busting part which NEVER happens on the zipperless jeggings.

  2. petenel says:

    perhaps thats a bacon stain on the Virgin’s behind? (not you Lady, the woolen one).

    It was crowded in that manger so she could have inadvertently sat in Baby J’s brekky.

    Lets face it there are stranger things alleged in the whole preposterous tale …

    • Year of Denim says:

      A bacon stain??
      I didn’t see any pigs in that nativity scene, so like, WHERE did the bacon come from?!
      Riddle me that!

  3. Goffers says:

    I like how you call ‘swadling’ when in fact it is just unhemmed denim pieces. Really! Nice outfit on you, suits you.

  4. Year of Denim says:

    Unfortunately the fly has busted under the immense pressure of my bulging body. Of course I didn’t realise this until after I had worn the jeans all day, flown to Adelaide, paraded in the airport thinking I looked cool. Instead I looked like a fool

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