Day 255: Saturday 9 January

Phew it’s been a scorcher in Adelaide today. You might be thinking I didn’t blog because I was too hungover from Viv’s birthday bash, but you would be wrong. Slightly hungover but still capable of blogging.

I wandered all over the suburb of Henley in search of a wireless internet connection. Did I find one?  No! My thoughts on Adelaide now? Backward and technologically retarded. And that’s the reason why I am blogging at 11.55pm from my friends’ place,

So I have spent the day between the beach (too f’n hot to lie on), air conditioning and foxtel.

Here’s what I wore today…

I searched the dunes in search of an internet cafe and don't I look cranky

Top: Ivy chambre vest looking a little crumpled from being washed, not ironed and shoved in a bag

Bottom: ThinkMink shorts with the button undone for comfort. All this holiday beer drinking has started to take it’s toll on the size of my tummy

Accessory 1: Glamour Girl denim cap

Accessory 2: Lightfoot Studios denim bag. It’s hand crafted you know…

Do you want to know what I wore to Viv’s part-ay??

Here I am afterwards, posing drunkenly on the terrace balcony…

Hip thrusting attitude or drunken leaning?

Top: The label name is a pun that escapes me right now, but it was one of the few things denim I bought in Lismore. Even better, it’s sort of fringed

Bottom: Aaah jeggings

Accessory: Same bag as today but plonked in a corner somewhere


2 Responses to Day 255: Saturday 9 January

  1. holdan says:

    woah. rock adelaide. I bet the city had no idea what hit it polkers.

  2. Goffers says:

    Sexy! Sure beats those baggy blues you wore on Thirsday.

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