Day 256: Sunday 10 January

Still frying out here in Adelaide. I am getting so hot I want to take my clothes off, as the song goes.

Thankfully I have been fully immersed in air conditioning.Lovely.

Last night was spent down at Henley Jetty, and it was still hot at 9pm. Horrid. But the gelatos were quite tasty if a little drippy.

David and Nick go head to head in a gelato eating contest

The jetty was a hive of crab catching and fishing activity, literally hundreds of people throwing their crab nets off the jetty and throwing back most of crabs coz they were tiny.

I took a picture but Nick made it go wobbly.

Iraqi oil wells on fire? No, Henley Jetty wobbly photo

And here’s what I’m have decided to wear today…

Delicately posed bush pig picture

Top: Again Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: New Lismore op shop purchase, Levi’s denim  mini. I’m probably getting into mutton territory wearing this

Accessory: Another new Lismore purchase op shop purchase, a little pale blue denim dilly bag. Cute or mutton?


6 Responses to Day 256: Sunday 10 January

  1. phil turnbull says:

    not particularly mutton-esque from this angle.

  2. petenel says:

    Oh look at that lamb in the bush. On one leg! How South Australian!

    Oh hang on its not a lamb, its just a MUTTON dressed as …
    Still you cant tell, not unless you look real close.

    Those icecreams are making me thirsty …

  3. Goffers says:

    Saltbush lamb, drool. I think very chic here, and quite Oxford Paarade, don’t waste your talents in schmadelaide!

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