Day 257: Monday 11 January

Would you believe it’s still 40+ degrees here in Adelaide? I am almost relieved to be heading back to Sydney today. Yes, it means the end of my summer holiday and back to the intellectual and physical stimulation of work. But it also means moderate temperatures in the high 20s where you are aren’t forced to go to the cinema to see Avatar to stay cool only to find it’s sold out because everyone else in Adelaide had the same idea.

So yesterday after being rejected by Hoyts we went to the beach again. Although Adelaide’s beaches are really just the same long flat hot stretch of sand yesterday we went to a section called Brighton. It was definitely more 3D than Avatar, and I bet Avatar hasn’t got a jetty.

Massive waves smashing into Brighton jetty, not

The beaches are so strange here. Absolutely no swell and you have to walk about 100m to get water above your knees. There are no headlands to look at just a vast expanse of sky and sea meeting with barely a ripple to tell you yes, this is the ocean.

And the architecture in Adelaide is interesting too, like this beauty at Brighton…

Giant cactus + blonde brick + no trees = beachside vernacular

On a more interesting note here’s today’s stunning sun and heat repelling outfit…

Puffy eyed Bush Boxer takes a walk in the scrub

Top: Supre heavy duty denim vest, pre-aged and super hot to wear. Why did I bring it into a heatwave? I don’t know

Bottom: Jeggings Christmas gift. When I wore them to Viv’s party on Friday I suspect the tightness of their ‘cuff’ caused me to get kankles, which I have never had before so I was horrified and thought I had deep vein thrombosis

Accessory: Little denim dilly bag, perfectly sized for a denim wallet, mobile phone, camera and glasses


3 Responses to Day 257: Monday 11 January

  1. I’d just like to say that Sydney is feeling rather ‘muggy’ after Adelaide’s oven bake heatwave. But it seems I’m saying it to myself.

  2. Goffers says:

    I hear you, but the weekend was a frying basket! You are looking very tanned and I love the hair. The outfit is inspired.

  3. Year of Denim says:

    I thought the outfit was a little butch and my eyes are def puffy.
    As to my hair, it’s an on-going battle with the vietnamese lady hair dressers. One day I will get the cut I asked for. One day…

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