Day 261: Friday 15 January

It’s all rush, rush, rush now I’m back in the office, or should that be The Office?

Which means my posts are now very brief. They had gotten quite meandering over the holiday period. I won’t apologise as I am a creative person. My juices must flow in whatever direction they desire. This morning that means I’ll finish up now as I want to get to Aldi before work. My juices want muesli and toilet paper.

Serious business this posing thing, as the Green Lady well knows

Top: Lee denim shacket with red bits

Bottom: JeansWest jeans with customised length. That is, I hacked em with some scissors

Accessory 1: MAvi denim bag makes first appearance for 2010

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots sweating up my feet nicely


2 Responses to Day 261: Friday 15 January

  1. pb says:

    muesli and toilet paper how linear of you Jammy

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