Day 263: Sunday 17 January

Yesterday started off miserable, but through the efforts and sage advice of other people, friends and professionals, it improved quite considerably through the day.

I met Fattyboombsticks at Eveleigh Markets, checked out the reasonably interesting and very moving work by Lynette Wallworth at Performance Space.

While I was in the dark, quiet, somber installation I get a phone call from Mayhem. She’s at the Love Hotel. Shooting porn. With her close personal friend Schappylle Scragg, with Nana Scragg also in attendance, although I don’t think Nana actually lived through her photo shoot.

Anyways. Schappylle was kind enough to do a double denim spread. I managed to catch a few photos of her in action with some beautiful ladies, LaDonna and Sonic Yootha.

I also grabbed some video footage very like the Lynette Wallworth installation.  Moving, somber, meaningful, emotional. But I can’t get it to load, so it might have to wait till tonight. In the meantime, here are some touching photographs from a very lovely, heartfelt experience…

Wild at heart, pretty as a picture. From left to right: LaDonna, Schappylle Scragg, porn photographer Uncle Kev and Sonic Yootha

I read my new denim covered book (thanks heaps LaDonna), Schappylle acts as double denim footrest

Actually Schappylle works better this way, then I have something to rest my beer on... her arse nicely wrapped in jeggings

So after the Love Hotel, which, by the way, was a pretty amazing place. An empty motel in the heart of Sydney, weeds everywhere, weird empty rooms, weird people roaming around, a lot of dress-ups, make-up, nudity, faux nudity, and a certain scuzziness you just don’t come across too often in Sydney anymore, what with our renovation, urban upgrade obsessions.

Then I went to the Indian Bollywood extravaganza out at Parramatta. A very family friendly contrast to the Love Hotel. Except for the huge number of police.

What were they expecting? White supremacists? Anti-Australian riots?

A popular sight at the A.R.Rahmen concert, police

That was yesterday, and really I should stick it in yesterday’s blog. But I couldn’t be arsed. Here’s today’s stunning picture…

I prepare myself mentally for the bike ride to work

Top: Not worn in ages Moji denim shirt, blending seamlessly with…

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans which blend seamlessly with…

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 2: No blending needed with the Hannah Montana denim bike helmet. Safety first I say


15 Responses to Day 263: Sunday 17 January

  1. holdan says:

    ok very intersting but that love hotel link leads to a very cute webpage that has absolutely no information in it whatsoever. looks cute, love the winged horses, but very empty as webpages go.

  2. Mayhem says:

    Uncle Kev looks *hot* enuff to turn me straight. Is he single? did u get his number? don’t tell the missus, PLEASE!!!

  3. Goffers says:

    You look so very sexy in Uncle Kev wear, I am free whenever he wants me. It looks like a great shoot.
    P’matta police got time and a half that night to enjoy the feasting and fun, why begrudge them a good time out?

  4. raquel says:

    I love how you always see the good side goffers- time and a half indeed!

    uncle Kev is hot. and scrappy with the ladyboys what a scene!

    I went to a fabulous exhibition called Luxury reconsidered in fashion- was even one denim piece by a new recycling high fashion guru.

  5. mr november (love hotel bell hop) says:

    Thanks for checking in and checking out the love motel x x and a big dirty X

  6. LaDonna says:

    WELL WELL WELL! WOTTA DAY INDEEEDYDO… thrilled you you could pop on by in yr denims and LUVVVVV THE VISUALS HERE!!! xxxxxxxx

  7. LaDonna says:

    and btw – looking very like a cop (from CHIPS) yrself in that hannah montana helmet – safety first indeed!

  8. LaDonnaRama says:

    oh the hot lez one!!!!

  9. Year of Denim says:

    Send me a photo cos I can’t quite remember which one is the hot lezo…

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