Day 267: Thursday 21 January

It’s  yesterday once more, as yesterday’s early morning trip to the beach for a surf was completely thrown over by the absolutely huge waves smashing into Sydney’s coastline.

Bondi was massive white water as far as the eye  could see. Bronte had beautiful massive waves far beyond my paltry surf skills.

Even Clovelly, usually a swimming pool in it’s calmness, had waves pushing through into the bay, plus all the bonus extras: cardboard, weed, plastic bibs and bobs. But I went in anyway and now have a grazed knee as the swell sort of thrust me up onto the stairs.

So I am giving it another go today. I suspect it will be just as huge as yesterday, but at least I’ll be prepared mentally and can do some surf perving.

Surf perving might suggest hiding behind dark glasses and oggling the beautiful people. I my fkn oath I will MAY do a little bit of people watching, but only for research purposes.

In my book (you can buy it on Amazon) I define surf perving as watching the water, and that will be my main interest today. Definitely NOT people perving. Nope. No way, it’s just not part of who I am, nuh, nope, eyes on the prize not on the beef.

Taxi says 'Take me to the river, the Cook River'

Top: Mum made black denim vest

Bottom: JeansWest denim skirt

Accessory 1: Viv donated black denim cap

Accessory 2; To lighten the look from all those shades of black, Dragstar denim slouchy bag

See you in the surf. And do you like my grandmother’s pussy t-shirt? It’s just about the only thing I have to remember her by


6 Responses to Day 267: Thursday 21 January

  1. Goffers says:

    Your willy is hanging out.

  2. HRH says:

    How was it today?

  3. petenel says:

    I too was down at bondi last 2 nights for a surfperve, Big Wednesday was ferocious and butch, Pretty Thursday was adorable and a more conventional perve.
    I wonder where all that WAVE ANGER goes?

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