Day 269: Saturday 23 January

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

And because it’s so hot I have a day in town planned. Galleries, museums, a movie, beer…

And last night I experienced a little dash of culture. I went to a Sydney Festival thingy (no, not karaoke) in the Great Hall at Sydney University called Fractured Again.

The most exciting part of Fractured Again was the bit done on a glass harmonica, which sounds almost like a theremin. Another part of the show was played on various sheets of glass. The largest sheet, about the size of a door, emitted incredible deep sonic gongs.

The show was a bit of a mixed media/installation/ sound/ light/ music fusion spectacular. In the Great Hall it was pretty special. My mind barely wandered and I hardly twitched in my seat so it must have been at a little mesmerising.

I’m all fired up for some kultcha  now, so let’s go..

Watching Rage without sound, eating muesli

Top: Ivy chambre vest, aiming for the lightest weight denim today, fo’ sho’

Bottom: TopGirl dyed blue denim shorts. Hot in a bad way

Accessory: Dark denim cap with all the beer washed out of it after Schappylle’s beer bukake


4 Responses to Day 269: Saturday 23 January

  1. holdan says:

    geezy you love that muesli polkers

  2. Goffers says:

    What did ya see what did yousee? Can it compare to the sight of my lungs vibrating to Rockstar?

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