Day 272: Tuesday 26 January

Happy White Riot day everyone.

What an action packed morning I have had so far.

I got up extra bonus early, especially for a public holiday, and did a 6am yoga class. I then thought what better way to mark ‘Straya Day than by going to the beach. Bit of  mistake…

I get to Bondi just after 8am and it is packed. Not just packed with people but packed with giant inflatable thongs boldly emblazoned with ‘Stryan fags (true typo!) flags. Yikes! Anyways, I had a swim to wash off the slimy yoga juices then met up with one of the YoD’s commentariat Mr PeteNel.

Being a true blue Ozzie guy of generous spirit he bought me breakfast cos’, also in the true spirit of ‘Straya, I was too lazy to walk to the car to get my (denim) wallet.

Breakfast was quite pleasant until a table of true blue South African middle aged Aussies sat down to discuss wealth and their incredible jet setting lifestyles all at full volume turned up to 11..

Do I really have to listen to somebody shouting about how many fly-buys they earn allowing them to take the whole family around the world once a year?

Well yes, apparently I do. Alongside that fascinating information I also had to listen to how great Haviana are for making so much money out of flogging inflatable thongs at $30 a pop to the great Ozzie public, who think it’s an awesome idea to celebrate the Spirit of Australia (which I always thought was Bundaberg Rum) by lying in the water on a huge blow up Brazilian thong.

I had to scull (another great Austrayan tradition) my coffee to escape their true blue money obsession. I jumped back in the car and headed home.

As I headed west back to Marrickville I made the ultimate ‘Straya Day gesture, celebrating one of modern Australia’s gretest triumphs. I killed some wildlife.

Yep. A bird flew headlong into the grill of Ugh the Camry, sacrificing itself so that I could fully realise the greatness of this country and it’s incredible achievement of having one of the highest rates of animal extinction in the world.

Oi oi oi.

And really I should have saved yesterday’s t-shirt for today. But I didn’t, so I am wearing this instead. I may change later for early dinner round the corner. We’ll see…

After such a busy morning what shall I fill the rest of my day with, I contemplate

Top: Mum’s hand crafted denim vest, black

Bottom: Abercrombie & Finch, I’m celebrating Straya by wearing American

Accessory: And further celebrating Ozzieness by wearing German denim birkies


7 Responses to Day 272: Tuesday 26 January

  1. pb says:

    wow very packed oz day morning

    MMMM what will the rest of your day bring.Perhaps big butch Military types that love blue fleshed lightrope loving creatures
    Hopefully they might fall under your spelling
    BUT even better under your car wheels instead !!!!!!

    happy oi oi oi day

    • Year of Denim says:

      ‘Fall under my spelling’???? Is it that bad??
      Really. I need my sub editor to come back from her extended U.S holiday and fix up this damn blog!

  2. pb says:

    oops that’s my spelling not yours

  3. Goffers says:

    What a shame you didn’t have breakfast with the bird, then run over some middle aged thongs (not me)!
    But you look tres true blue, which is all that matters.

    • Year of Denim says:

      It would have been a much happier result all round if I had run over some middle aged SA Aussie-fricans instead of a poor innocent bird.

  4. raquel says:

    great post- sums up the complexity of being aussie.

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