Day 278: Monday 1 February

Woah. It’s another month in a new year. What happened to January? It passed in a flash but what did I do and achieve?

Not much I suspect.

Last night I watched District 9. What a great genre sci-fi movie! As me and my dvd watching companion said, it SHITS on Avatar. In fact Avatar isn’t even good enough to be the stool of District 9.

Gotta run, got an important breakfast engagement. Will update blog later on as I’m off to work tonight and I don’t know that I could quite get away with wearing the following ensemble into the office…

Surly early backyard posing

Top: Black hand-crafted denim vest

Bottom: J.U.N.K label denim cut offs, lovingly butchered by moi

Accessory: Denim cap, dark

Afternoon update

Well I’m off to work now for another action packed evening being where the news breaks. Where news smashes and disintegrates, where news gets pounded into trash… And I’ll be wearing this…

Keep on movin', it's the only way to be

Top: Moji shirt, blur shows of stone washing nicely

Bottom: Love your Denim donated jeans

Accessory: Mambo denim bag, it’s two tones match my two toned outfit quite well thank you


3 Responses to Day 278: Monday 1 February

  1. Goffers says:

    Beautifully butchered…methinks you should don that outfit to work indeed, they might give you a pay rise! Whats the worst thing they might do? Not let you into the building?

  2. raquel says:

    top photo you look like mean and nasty ville lesbo. bottom photo suburban nice girl- ahh the complexity of identity when one works for a living…

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