Day 279: Tuesday 2 February

Nobody has noticed how late today’s blog is. This means either nobody is reading it or nobody cares, or both!

The reason I am so late in blogging is my action packed day I, and I haven’t even made it into work yet!

So I got up super early to hit that 6am yoga class. Probably a little ambitious as I didn’t get back from work till well after midnight, but I made it! And I enjoyed it!

Covered with post-yoga slime I met up with Goffas and we made the early-ish trek down to Bondi for some surf ‘n snorkel.

I surfed , she swam. I got hit by a deadly wave of blue bottles, she didn’t. The sting itself wasn’t too bad. Stingy, a bit sharp, but manageable. It’s the aftermath that was horrible.

At first my leg got a little hot, then a ghastly achy pain made itself known in my groin (I needed a cold compress and a firm hand!). My whole leg was hot and I felt waves of heat running up my body. Then as we sat down to breakfast it felt as if I had the most excruciating hip, pelvis, back and groin injury. The Australian Winter Olympic team’s entire injury list was being made apparent on the right side of my lower body.

I felt sick with pain and had waves of nausea. I couldn’t sit still it was so uncomfortable. I writhed, grimaced, moaned yet somehow managed to still eat my toast.

About an hour later the muscle pain subsided and in another hour had completely vanished. So weird.

Of course after all that drama I was shattered and had to have a little lie down to recover…

Still haven't mastered new camera's exciting features such as focus

Top: Moji shirt from last night casually worn over a red singlet

Bottom: I have really taken to wearing these particular Xmas gifted jeggings to yoga. They actually cover my crack, a miracle in leggings!

Accessory: The bed is surrounded by denim. Strewn across the end of the bed, around the bed, on the floor, the hanging wardrobe is overloaded, bags everywhere. And to the beach I took a denim shoulder bag, denim wallet, denim yoga mat, blah blah blah

There was another outfit change after the bed wear, but being silly I forgot to photograph  me in my mow-the-lawn gear. I looked great. Honestly. I always do.

Off to work gear…

And now I have to rock into work with just the faintest burning sensation around my leg where the blue bottle draped itself.

Sometimes I think I'm headless. Now I know it's the truth because fancy new cameras don't lie

Top: Cute VG denim shirt. Yes, this new camera is taking some mastery. I keep forgetting to set the focus, set the aperture, set the self timer. By the end of YoD  should get some decent images

Bottom: Gap jean loaners or donators, I’m not sure

Accessory: Goffas given denim Japanese bag, red wine spillage completely invisible


18 Responses to Day 279: Tuesday 2 February

  1. holdan says:

    omg you have a denim clad ghost at your house! eek.

  2. HRH says:

    Griffin… spooky…

  3. Goffers says:

    Encroyable! I am sorry about your pain, notice it didn’t put me off my eggs…

  4. t.x says:

    ooh i likey

  5. petenel says:

    so you like died of bluebottle disease, and then came back as a half-formed headless denim monster freak? all in one single day?
    good on you, Busy see-thru Lady

  6. HRH says:

    I like petenel’s take on it…. I thought you were channelling HG Wells…

  7. holdend says:

    I am noticing how late your blog is today. It’s 11.17 for geezy sake.

  8. HRH says:

    Exactly… why is it late today…. giant squid?
    Close encounter with oversized clam?
    Tangled in the tentacles of sea kelp?
    Broken fingernail?
    Stubbed toe?

  9. Goffers says:

    where are you??? Are you ok? We are freaking out! It is 12:30 WEDNESDAY for crying out loud!!!

    • Year of Denim says:

      It’s on it’s way. I promise, with so much denim excitement you’ll have heart failure when Wednesday’s blog finally goes live.

  10. raquel says:

    Blue bottle! nasty!- I only just got up too

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