Day 283: Saturday 6 February

If I was really organised I would have bought one of those USB internet access thingies before I came away. But I didn’t…


The weather here in Culburra has been pretty foul, although the house and its location are amazing. The house overlooks Culburra beach and the gigantic seas, wind and rain hitting the coast south of Sydney.

I did manage to have a great surf competing with the local mini grommet surfers and the malibu riding old guys at Penguin Head this morning.

We (there are 4 of us) also went out to Point Perpindicular this afternoon where we were just about blown of the cliff into Jervis Bay.

My morning walk was quite interesting north along Culburra Beach to Crookhaven Heads.

I saw beautiful opalescent bubbles…

I saw beautiful opalescent bubbles on seaweed….

And I saw masses of seaweed washed onto the rock shelf…

And here’s what I wore during that time….

Get ready to see this outfit a lot over the next few days

Top: Supre vest, quite fitted across the chest now it’s done up

Bottom: Rusty shorts getting very filthy

Accessory: Denim cap almost blown off my head. Ended up wearing it backwards which I am sure looks rubbish


2 Responses to Day 283: Saturday 6 February

  1. Goffers says:

    Those bubbles are awesome, shame jeans don’t come in pearlescence…

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