Day 284: Sunday 7 February

Another day in this very lovely spot of Culburra, particularly if you like drizzle, rain and over cast weather.

I did however get  a surf in and some fairly serious over eating.

I have only just managed, hours after eating, to have a tiny glass of wine to help my digestion and blog writing.

I was pretty slack with the camera too, only photographing myself at around 7pm. I did however wear denim all day. I have witnesses. Honestly.

Here’s the view from where I typed the blog…

Right on Culbuura Beach. Amazing and beautiful

And here’s one of the versions of denim ensembles I wore today…

You mean me?

Top: Supre vest, yes I know, it’s getting a lot of wear, but I was traveling light

Bottom: Gap jeans, artfully weathered, now damp and sandy too

Accessory: Not visible, denim wallet, denim bag, denim hat


7 Responses to Day 284: Sunday 7 February

  1. holdan says:

    nice house. is it available for rent? if so, how much? hope you are well and I also hope you are in the office later this week as I love to punish you. no actually I just want to see you, YOD.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Yes, CulburraBeachHouse. I think it’s on the www somewhere.
      Very very nice.
      Sleeps 12!!! If 6 of you don’t mind sleeping in bunks…
      At work NOW
      And tomorrow AND Thursday

  2. spiegel says:

    nice deck, enhanced by the queen of denim

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