Day 285: Monday 8 February


Updating three blogs in one day is both tedious AND boring.

But the blog must go on…

So I woke up this morning after recovering from a complete and utter painful Satyricon style gorge your-self-sick eat-fest day.

Culburra was still overcast and grey but not quite as overcast and grey as the past few days. Unfortunately the surf had vanished up at Penguin Head but was still quite forcefully dumping on the beach, where we went for a swim and got some bonus exfoliating with all the weed in the water.

Then we force fed ourselves again, before packing up and heading back to Sydney.

We stopped at Shoalhaven Heads and I got Her Royal Highness to take the blog photo. Here it is. Don’t worry about the deja-vu. This is almost exactly the same as yesterday’s outfit. New undies, new/old t-shirt…

Me on Seven Mile Beach. Thanks HRH for the photo

Top: Yes, it IS the Supre vest AGAIN

Bottom: YES, it is the Gap jeans again

Accessory: YES, my denim wallet is in my back pocket

Then we got back in the car and drove to the other end of the beach, Geroa, to have coffee and hot chocolate. And then we just tootled back along the highway to Sydney.

After dropping the girls home I too went home, showered, changed, unpacked the esky, took  another blog photo and left for work.

Here’s what I’m wearing as I write this blog tonight when I should be doing stuff for a very important media organisation… Don’t tell anyone…

Four eyed shot Action shot of me climbing into fresh denim

Top: White denim jacket, freshly laundered

Bottom: Levi’s flares, quite clean I beleive

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag containing denim wallet and diary


4 Responses to Day 285: Monday 8 February

  1. holdan says:

    tops work outfit – stripes, white jacket, denim legs, love it. nautical all the way baby. I have some new yellow birkenstocks, but the colour is so impactful that my feet look like boats, all size 36 of them.

  2. t.x says:

    smiles beach! nice to see a happy face

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