Day 290: Saturday 13 February

I’m off to a live music festival experience. Good Vibrations here I come. I am especially looking forward to super sweaty, muddy conditions, which I suspect is a bit of a tradition at music festivals the world over.

Who’s playing? Gossip, Salt & Pepa, Basement Jax, and a bunch of DJs and electronic musicky folks. I wanna see the KillaQueenz Aussie hip hop ladies too, but I can’t remember what stage they’re on and when. Better check it out before I go I suppose.

Here’s what I’m wearing…

Big girls don't cry, not even when their sports sandals get muddy

Top: Today I am promoting Dragstar’s one-off vest

Bottom: TopGirl jeans shorts with bonus sewn in turn-ups

Accessory: Mavi bag, big enough to hold shit, small enough to not be overburdened

If I feel up to it I’ll review the shows when I get home tonight. I might even take some action shots…


4 Responses to Day 290: Saturday 13 February

  1. Goffers says:

    Your cottons are going to get damp! But thats a sexy look. Hope you get a blast of great music and some fresh air. I don’t know about those ugly-as sports sandals though, they should be illegal.

  2. Goffers says:

    Thank you for thanking me very much.

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