Day 291: Sunday 14 February

Happy American Cultural Imperialism Day everyone.

Go spend some money on some tat for your loved one.

So here’s my Good Vibrations review.

We arrived bang on 4pm just after Salt’n’Pepa had hit the main stage.

I only caught the end of their act as one of our party had been taken aside and searched for illegal aliens. Eventually they turned up, somewhat shaken by the experience and forever after very nervous of sniffer dogs.

Salt’n’Pepa were funny. It was a big fat sing along.  This made it almost impossible to hear them as the crowd (most not born when S’n’P had their first hits) were screaming out the lyrics at the top of their fake tanned lungs. And that pretty well established the rest of the day.

I went to the toilet and waited 30minutes to get inside a gross portaloo… although they do make a pretty picture…

Toilet time at twilight

After the lengthy dunny queue we rushed back to the main stage just in time to see Gossip.

Gossip at Good Vibrations 2010

Gossip rocking the young straight blonde crowd

And don’t the kids love Beth Ditto? It’s funny how she’s become a pin-up for the hair extension fake tan ladies-who-love men, although there were a few freaks mixed in amongst all the regular folk. And once again, it was a huge sing-a-long, with all the girls knowing all the words.

A few songs in Miss Ditto stripped off the dress she’s wearing and threw it into the crowd… along with her microphone. Whoops!

Gossip at Good Vibrations 2010

Beth politely asks for her mic back

Miss Ditto’s voice was fantastic live and I wish I had gone to see them at the Enmore for a full set rather than the truncated festival performance. Still, they were great and the crowd were very into them. One guy gave Beth a zebra…

Gossip at Good Vibrations 2010

Who knew Beth Ditto was a pony girl?

There were loads of Lady Gaga references in Gossip’s show, even a few lines sung of Bad Romance. But I think this outfit must be Gaga inspired…

Gossip at Good Vibrations 2010

Black plastic robe was appropriate wear for the wet weather

And one more Gossip pic, which amuses me…

Gossip at Good Vibrations 2010

Beth Ditto juxtaposed with Good Vibrations branding

Yep. The picture says it all really. Skinny blonde girl in cut-offs (favoured pant of the day) with a fake tan and very wiggy hair screams her lungs out for the short fat, black haired dyke.

Let me just have a rant about girls’ hair…

Long hair seems very in right now (so I guess I’m out… in more ways than one). Over half the girls at the festival had long air. Half of THOSE girls look like they had bought their hair at a shop.

Yes. Wig like hair extensions, polyestery, flammable long locks everywhere. I even got face whipped by a very nice bleached blonde wig-like hair do.

But not everyone was content to follow fashion. This young girl, while she was indeed wearing denim cut-offs, was also sporting very interesting head wear…

Good Vibrations 2010

Peace out undies-on-head, pad-on-undies girl

I came across this young lady while waiting for Busta Rhymes to, well, bust some ryhmes. She’s not afraid to rock the fashion boat, and I’m sure the  boys loved her look.

So yes, Busta Rhymes. Ghastly. A bunch of wiggers and girls in wiggy hair faking out to the hip hop. And once again the crowd was so loud you couldn’t hear anything.

And that’s when I hit the wall and decided enough was enough. I couldn’t face another crowd press of hair whipping, boys with their names tattooed across their backs or their girlfriend’s name tattooed on their neck (yes truly), crowd shouting lyrics a moment longer.

So I left, and popped in to watch the footy at a friend’s house on the way home. It was a very important moment. Indigenous All-Stars vs a NRL All-Stars. A big moment in both footy and Australian culture I have to say.

How often do we get to see Aboriginal people en-mass in the mass media in a positive way?


And even better, the Indigenous team won!

Good onya Preston Campbell. You are a little legend.

Anyways. I have to go to work now. Here’s me today…

Year of Denim

New horsey t-shirt, ta Loo Roo

Top: Supre small vest

Bottom: Gap jeans, turned up cos of the rain

Accessory: Not in picture, Dragstar bag


17 Responses to Day 291: Sunday 14 February

  1. t.x says:

    i love the idea of a musical day out like that, trippin on a hill side or paddock with love evrywhere…

    great shot of beth ditto in black plastic

  2. holdan says:

    awesome – too freaking funny.

  3. petenel says:

    y oh y do us Cent Park RESIDENTS have to PUT up with the infernal NOIZ of young people CONSTANTLY singing along to things? Isnt that why jesus invented karaoke in his manger (the one with the pig). I had a visitor from the Western SUBURBS who had to put my very loud FAN on just to gather his THOUGHTS. Can you imagine my humiliation?

    on to other important matters I thought the Not-indigenous NRL team looked WHITE hot in their saucy goldstar gear. The indig outfit was a little busy for my liking. But all in all a Win Win.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Luckily for me i chose to leave this very loud sing-a-long event early.
      And BTW I am quite looking forward to busting some ear drums at a karaoke event coming up very soon!

  4. Goffers says:

    You got your feet clean I notice but will you ever clean your ears? On my way home from the CHAMBER ORCHESTRA I had seen Sat night our bus passed Central, picking up many said blondes, be-draggled by the rain, and whose cut-offs had shrunk remarkably. What’s happened to all those jean-legs I wonder?

    • Year of Denim says:

      I too used to wonder what happened to all the jeans legs.
      Then one day I saw a girl walking across Enmore Park with jeans legs leg warmers!
      A piece of elastic around the top and bottom and hey presto! Jeans leg leg warmers!

    • Year of Denim says:

      What are you saying about my ears???
      I thought we weren’t SUPPOSED to clean our ears.
      I thought THAT as good health!!!

  5. HRH says:

    Napkin grrl looking vurry vurry good…

    • Year of Denim says:

      I was quite taken with her unique styling.
      And certainly she was willing to make a much braver fashion statement than most girls at the fest.

  6. Frackin marvellous. I too am mystified about the fresh-outta-the-salon girl youth and their love for Beth Ditto. She was named, like, NME’s favourite person ever recently too. Is it the freaky=cool factor? And/or because their skinny-jeaned* boyfriends would never fancy her? Surely she hates all those strumpets? Then again I am a skinny wench with long hair and I kind of _want_ to be hated by her, so maybe that’s it…
    *i.e dudes who are years behind the trend and have never ever _heard_ of jeggings.

    • Year of Denim says:

      I’d never considered that the young skinny cool girls love Beth cos’ their boyfriends don’t.
      It’s an intersting poitn to ponder…
      Why do you want Beth Ditto to hate you?
      She has a sweet natured stage persona.
      Doesn’t mean she isn’t a raving ego maniac off-stage tho.

  7. raquel says:

    love the review- I gave up on good vibes- and all festivals about 4 years ago- same reason- too many southern cross tattoos and young people looking at me like I was a freak. A freind posted this to his status on the day: ” young ladies let me tell you- gumboots and cut off jeans does make you Kate Moss.”

  8. MAYTE!

    thanks for putting up the pikki – aren’t you proud that I made the poster for good vibes?
    I told youse I was *hot* and in fashion – but I still reckon all those rock festivals are a bit out of date, I usually get me Nan to go instead….

    • Year of Denim says:

      You DO look hot next to Miss Beth Ditto.
      And extremely fashionable (as usual of course).
      I reckon Nana Scragg would have slotted in like a greased banana at Good Vibes

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