Day 296: Friday 19 February

Yesterday’s ‘Polynesian Princess’ comment sparked a flurry of interest.

In a  strange coincidence today I am on Polynesian time. It’s 2pm and I have only JUST bothered to look at YoD let alone update it.

There’s a jolly good reason why I am so blog slow today. Last night I attended Vanessa Wagner’s Unisex Amateur Strip Night.

Did I say hilarious? Did I say shocking? Did I say emotionally exhausting? Did I say I saw things I’ve never seen before? Well all those above rhetorical questions must be answered with a resounding YES!

The night started off with quite a bang as the infamous Shirley Valentine extended her brilliant career into the realm of exotic dancing….

Shirley wringing every bit of emotion from Celine Dion's version of River Deep Mountain High

The most shocking part of the act wasn’t when she reached into her dress and flung her ‘breasts’ at the audience.

The most shocking part of the performance was the 2 minutes where her dress was hoiked a little too high revealing that YES Shirley was wearing stockings, but NO she wasn’t wearing undies. Look closely at the picture above and you’ll get a hint of what I’m inferring.

Anything after that was a bonus, including Vixen Noir’s sexy gymnastic booty shaking to Bootylicious and the guy called Luke who did quite experimental things with a pair of thongs.

So yes, I slept in, island style. Then, rather than blogging, I met up with a friend for breakfast, and because the day was going all Polynesian on me I decided to go to the beach rather than return home and update YoD.

The peculiar thing is that without consciously thinking about it, this morning  I put on a Made in Fiji / Hawaiian style shirt.

Yes, it really is Paradise (so I hear) in Fiji, so the Fijians named a shirt brand after their lifestyle

And to clear up a small misunderstanding… Only one of yesterday’s backdrop images is of a Polynesian Princess. That would be this picture on my wall….

La Belle de Pacific by Tretchikoff, I think

The beaded curtain is a rip off of the famous Green Lady or Chinese Girl painting also by Tretchikoff. So she’s defintely NOT a Polynesian Princess, just to clear that up…

Chinese Girl / Green Lady painting

Not Polynesian, but still gorgeous, Chinese Girl / Green Lady

And finally, here’s me enjoying the tropical paradise of Marrickville, lolling under a palm tree, sipping from a coconut, wearing clothes made from stuff I grew…. (some of the above statement may not be strictly true).

Island life inner west style, enjoying the soft sounds of the coal trains lapping along the railways tracks

Top: Hand crafted, but not actually home grown, denim vest

Bottom: Big legged old school Levi’s with controversial mega turn-ups

Accessory: Mavi bag, not made in Fiji, or anywhere in Polynesia, Micronesia or the South Pacific as far as I can tell


7 Responses to Day 296: Friday 19 February

  1. Year of Denim says:

    Updated at last!

  2. holdend says:

    Aloha Brah

  3. teepee says:

    OMG! This page is like my family reunion last Christmas. Thanks for the mammaries YoD.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Is the family reunion flashback a good thing?
      Cos they can go either way…
      And the mammeries are just part of who I am.

  4. Goffers says:

    The Scissor sisters said it only too well; “You’re filthy, gorgeous!” Great shirt.

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