Day 298: Sunday 21 February

Yes, I know, I’m running late yet again!

What a week of blog lateness it’s been. My excuse today is twofold:

#1. Hungover and not pretty enough

#2. A beautiful beach day

After reviving at the beach with the liberal application of swimming, sun, hamburgers and warm coke I’m now both well enough AND, more importantly, pretty enough to face the blogasphere.

Last night was a shoju and beer drinking, Korean bbq eating, karoke screaming, song fest. I lay the blame of hangovers squarely at the feet of Korean beer. It ALWAYS gives me hangover, not the fact I drank 10 of them…

Hite (ryhmes with kite) Korean beer. I don't feel so cool and fresh now!

Much beer and shoju was drunk at the restaurant, while meat was cooking on the barbeque.

Then we wandered down the road to the karaoke joint formally known as Green Box, now known as Odyessy, if my memory is working correctly. It is a fancy place and it seems we were the only paying customers. Very strange atmosphere. Very. Atmosphere-less is perhaps a better way of describing it.

Anyways, we sang many a tuneful tune with the occasional 100 pointer scored seemingly at random.

A love duet or rock screamer? I can't recall but it was ear splitting

And we drank more beer…

DaHo nestled amongst the beer dregs

I can barely remember a song. Oh yes I can. Superstar. Awesome. I love Karen Carpenter, yes I do. However there was some bad karaoke etiquette last night. Lots of song stopping mid verse. Luckily my ego is big enough to take it.

The night was marred by my ‘Save the Planet’, to cheap to get a taxi, I’m getting a train, trip home. I was very drunk, the trains weren’t running correctly, I was confused, State Rail was confused and it took me over and hour to get home. Drunk, very drunk, swaying staggering drunk. I’m such a fool!

So of course I awoke with a hangover, not as bad as it could have been but still pretty awful. So I decided what I needed was a cleansing salt, surf and sand event. Which is why the blog is so late.

Here’s my outfit for the day…

Maroubra and me and a beach umbrella

Top: Supre vest (the bigger one that fits)

Bottom: Junk jeans cut offs, cut off by me

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, perfect

Now that I am back at home the hangover is making itself apparent again. Better get some more soft drink with bubbles to ease the pain.


6 Responses to Day 298: Sunday 21 February

  1. petenel says:

    Wot a delightful brolly pic. Exquisite composition …
    Oh and I take back the suggestion re the Year Of Drunk.
    Ultimately it may not be in your best interest vis a vis long term good health, beauty, hotness etc.

    Meantime a sausage roll with sauce might be the go ..
    Yours helpfully etc

    • Year of Denim says:

      Always here with the excellent advice.
      Plus I forgot to credit you with both the photo and the brolly ownership…
      so thanks

  2. holdan says:

    oof. still hurting. I haven’t had many hangovers that have lasted this long.

  3. Goffers says:

    Green box sounds kinda sexy…sorry you got so drunk (like it was my fault), but making mistakes with the trains is well normal…the trains are FUCKED. Why don’t you make next year the year of fighting for a better transport system? Have you ever used the loo at Redfern station?

    • Year of Denim says:

      To quote a popular karaoke number… Tell me more tell me more about the loo at redfern station.
      Is it a girl beat????

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