Day 299: Monday 22 February 2010

Announcement/ reminder

Tomorrow marks 300 days of denim… IN A ROW!
Come join me for some cocktails and light refreshments
From 6pm at
The Summit

To quote the website “A venue of international style”

Level 47, 264 George Street, down by Wynyard

On to today…

It’s hot hot hot, I’m not not not, but I am still rushing off to the beach beach beach ASAP.

Gotta get my tan in place for tomorrow’s denim XXXxtravaganza!

The hangover is all in the past. I may have said that tomorrow’s cocktails will be mocktails for me. However, my liver seems to have bounced back rather well from that filthy Korean beer, and I could be at my drinking weight by tomorrow. So I’ll play it by ear/ stomach/ liver.

And another announcement….

I forgot to credit PeteNel yesterday for both his beautiful and shady beach umbrella installation AND his beautiful and elegant photograph of moi.

Mr PeteNel could be my Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton and David LaChapelle all rolled into one top, hot Aussie bloke.

Too bad he wasn’t here this morning to take my piccie….

Candid coffee drinking muesli eating morning pose & can somebody do something about my hair?

Top: Black denim vest

Bottom: Dark denim shorts T.Plus EuropeanFunpert jeans so the label says

Accessory: I don’t know that a denim visor is the right hat to tame my hair


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