1970s Dolly magazine ads

As promised/ threatened here are a series of smelly vagina ‘feminine hygiene’ ads out of my small yet fascinating collection of mid 1970s Australian Dolly magazines.

It fascinates me I must say, the obsession with ‘intimate odour’ as a negative. I think of the 1970s as a time of women’s lib, bra burning, hairy legs and armpits, I could go on. It seems it was also a time when girls were smelly ‘down there’ and needed help with their odours.

This first ad is from Dolly, March 1972.

Vespre feminine hygiene ad from Dolly magazine, March 1972

As it’s quite a sweet little story of best friends for ever, here’s the story…

Vespre feminine hygiene ad from Dolly magazine, March 1972

Vespre feminine hygiene ad from Dolly magazine, March 1972

Vespre feminine hygiene ad from Dolly magazine, March 1972

I hope her bff helps her with those ‘little tensions’…

Vespre feminine hygiene ad from Dolly magazine, March 1972

And now on to the next ad from Dolly, March 1973…

Fem Fresh ad from Dolly magazine, March 1973Here’s a close-up of the words…

Fem Fresh ad from Dolly magazine, March 1973

And here’s three ads from the bumper feminine-hygiene-ad issue of Dolly in April 1973…

Lady Arrid ad from Dolly, April 1973

Fem fresh ad from Dolly, April 1973

Vespre ad from Dolly, April 1973

Gee whiz, so many ads in that particular edition. Maybe it was summer??

Anyway, on to Dolly in April 1976, where things are getting a little more swingin’ in the advertising world, a little more hip, a little more suede, a little more hot pant!

Fem fresh ad from Dolly, April 1976

But wait, there’s more in the October 1976 Dolly, more Fem Fresh, more sophistication, more stinky ladies

Fem fresh ad from Dolly, October 1976

Well that’s all for the time being. I have some more bits and pieces to show you from Dolly in the mid 1970s, but you’ll have to wait and see just what they are…


27 Responses to 1970s Dolly magazine ads

  1. Zoo says:

    Lady ARRID??? Not something I would be advertising… These are astounding! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. […] I was up all night making a special one-off blog on the scent of a woman and why she needs to block it out with a short squirt of fem fresh or Lady Arrid. See it all here… […]

  3. jane p says:

    Maybe it was all the polyester
    Personally, when i’m hit with a bucket of ice i prefer to have it laced with alcohol and to aim it at my face rather than my fanny.
    The obvious solution to the “problem” is to bring on early menopause so you’re as dry and arrid as the sahara.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Do ‘arrid’ feminine regions still have intimate odour issues?
      And I’m with you on the bucket of ice laced with alcohol aimed at my face.
      Although as a douche it wouldn’t be unpleasant I imagine

  4. LeCro says:

    To celebrate the 70s obsession with vaginas, i thought i would send you this charming interview with Twighlight boy. He hates on the vag. Yes, he really did an interview about box hate.


  5. liz says:

    ‘just moving around can start it all off’??
    ‘little tensions’???
    what could they possibly be?

  6. Lonelysheep says:

    The stubborn posture/pissed off look on the guy’s face in the last one is funny. It’s like she just keeps putting it off ’til tomorrow and he’s totally over it..

    He might just have scent issues of his own but we’re not here to talk about them.

  7. tim h says:

    oh that top one is the most lesbosexual ad i’ve ever seen!!!!!!! these are GOLD
    make a zine doll! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Year of Denim says:

      Maybe I need to re-enact my own ‘Intimate Odour’ advertisement.
      You can be the either the bff or the boyfriend who thinks my vag stinks.

  8. raquel says:

    Isn’t it amazing that somewhere in the 90’s women vaginas stopped smelling so strongly that anyone standing around could have smelt them.

    i think all those impluse adds where intimate sprays too- just less direct

    • Year of Denim says:

      Good point.
      I rarely notice anyone’s ‘intimate odour’ unless I’m right THERE if you know what I mean…

      • Jacqueline says:

        Ahh yes I remember using femfresh all those years ago…Why, I don’t know, maybe it was trendy, like those hotpants that are shown on this page, still have them to this day. I mean REALLY it is insulting to even suggest to women to use a spray for a scent that nobody can smell.

      • Year of Denim says:

        insulting AND revolting to suggest that a girl’s (because these ads are pitched t teenagers) ‘intimate odour’ is somehow disgusting and should be obliterated!
        I hope you have left the femfresh behind.

  9. Rob says:

    Wait just a minute – isn’t the woman in that last ad Kitty from TV’s ‘The Sullivans’, AKA actress Susan Hannaford…

  10. […] I have managed all of those whilst concurrently looking like I need to chuck. But no need to panic, I smell clean where it counts… Cinders scrubs up the puke, cat looks […]

  11. catteaumaru says:

    Mens balls stink too but you never see products advertised for that. I am a man, so I know. This is not some woman ranting about men. I like your post. I happen to have a blog about vulvar care and after all that I have read and posted about, I must say that all these products a plain nasty and I wish women would stop buying or using them. Anyway, enough of that. Have a good day and I will pass by again soon for more reading.

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