Day 301: Wednesday 24 February

From rotating over Sydney at The Summit to dragging myself out of bed in the mean streets of Marrickville, because that is how we roll (to quote a work chum).

I’ve rolled out of bed VERY early (see those pouchey eyes!) just to blog YoD before work, cos I know how excited people are by each day’s revelatory denim outfit.

Anyways, I have been searching through some old 1970s Dolly magazines for fashion inspiration. However, Dolly circa 1974 is rather low on the fashion spreads but strangely high on the ‘feminine odour’ ads. What a great way to undermine a teenage girl, tell her she has a stinky box!

If I get my act together I’ll scan ’em so you too can see the 1970s’ obsession with the smell of adolescent girls.

Me and my Dollys, still age inappropriate reading

Top: Target brand tailored denim jacket

Bottom: Spykar white denim jeans

Accessory 1: Denim half sneakers

Accessory 2: Denim travel bag


5 Responses to Day 301: Wednesday 24 February

  1. HRH says:

    Dolly has a lot to answer for

  2. tim h says:

    would LUVVVV to see those scans!!!!!!!

  3. raquel says:

    I like the top your wearing.

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