Day 303: Friday 26 February

Today I really do feel like I am enacting some woman hating task set by that misogynist Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).

Noted mysoginist Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model

Mr Jay (as opposed to Miss J) is the director of the photo shoots. He gets the skinny teenage girls crawling around piles of elephant poo while tarantulas crawl on their heads meanwhile telling them to look beautiful, relax, look like a model, extend your neck, smile, don’t smile, look happy, sad, mad, glad.

So today’s ANTM chore is to clean up cat vomit while looking gorgeous, glamorous and seductive. I think I have managed all of those whilst concurrently looking like I need to chuck. But no need to panic, I smell clean where it counts…

Cinders scrubs up the puke, cat looks on

Top: A return to the classics today, with a Levi’s jacket, weathered by someone in Newcastle

Bottom: To complete a true double denim look I am wearing Ben Sherman jeans. I’ve tried on a few pairs of Levi’s 501s etc but they make me look like I’m packing

Accessory: To soften the look I am toting the Dragstar light denim bag


6 Responses to Day 303: Friday 26 February

  1. holdend says:

    joy! I feel for you jane. at least its not fluid dog poo. But my fuluid dog poo is on floorboards. mmm…..which is worse. Either way, I’m gaggin.

  2. raquel says:

    poor cinders- but I do like that butt crack shot.

    I like the look too- dark worn denim rocking it with the white belt

  3. holdan says:

    taking your sweet ass time this morning polkinghorne?

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