Day 306: Monday March 1, 2010

Today marks the beginning of the eleventh month of the Year of Denim.

To celebrate I shed ALL my clothes at the Spencer Tunich photo shoot down at the Opera House this morning. By morning I mean I got up at 3.15am to make it down there by 4am. Now I’m fucked, fagged, exhausted and thankfully reclothed.

It’s funny how Sydney has been So hot, SO humid and this morning was (relatively) cold. The one night I would love it to be 24 degrees and dripping with slimy sweatiness, it’s a southerly blowing, grey, overcast and cool.

Back to nudity.

Spencer Tunick was invited to Sydney by  Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to create a work at the Opera House.

The photo shoot was unexpectedly a very moving and beautiful experience, but also funny. All that massed flesh was a spectacle for sure, and being IN that mass of flesh was so, well, normal.

Many people were having a little performance anxiety at the beginning, but when half the crowd stripped and the other half clapped and cheered the carnival atmosphere took over and it was a joy to be naked.

The best part was being nude inside the Opera House’s concert hall, an experience it is VERY unlikely I’ll ever get to repeat. I can imagine, for instance, streaking up the Opera House steps. But unless I one day go totally insane, I cannot imagine ever again standing on a Concert Hall seat, nude, draped and looking down on a literal carpet of nude bodies on the stage.

There were a few annoying wags in the audience, cracking bad jokes, and one man did have to be evicted for being a bit revolting. Otherwise I only saw a single lone erection and people were very well behaved, but also kind, respectful and joyful.

I respected Spencer Tunick’s request for no photos once clothes were off, though I was in the minority, so I only have fully clad photos. If you want a voyeuristic view of the morning through mass media’s fully clothed eyes, click here…

Here’s my pic, but it sort of looks like a rock concert, smoke machine and all, on the Opera House Steps…

Year of Denim Day 306: Spencer Tunick photo shoot on Opera House steps

Gearing up to gear down

And so I admit I was in public without ANY denim or ANY clothes on at all. Arrest me if you like for breaking the Year of Denim rules, but I am glad to have experienced an amazing and sublime nude spectacle.

Year of Denim Day 306: Spencer Tunick photo shoot on Opera House steps

Photo taken by PJ before I got nude

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. But I got cold and could have done with something more thermally inclined

Bottom: Cos I’m lazy and getting out of bed at 3.15am to make any fashion decisions is beyond me, same jeans as last night… Levi’s flares

Accessory: Denim holder bag, same as last night, too tired/busy/lazy to unpack and choose another

I will now spend some quality time recovering. Maybe in front of the tele (that’s TV not Daily Telegraph), maybe in or on bed, or perhaps an assortment of positions will be struck ala Spencer Tunick’s photo shoot this morning.


21 Responses to Day 306: Monday March 1, 2010

  1. spiegel says:

    sooooo wish i’d gone! nude in the concert hall. i love it. also loving the single lone erection. poor chap, was he bashful?

    • Year of Denim says:

      He didn’t seem to be.
      I did notice with other men (not that I was crotch cruising) doing some hand sheltering gestures so I assume they were modestly concealing any erectness…

      • Gary Milne says:

        I’ve done 2 of his shoots both times with my girlfriend. The first one we did a few years back in Gateshead, while we were both at art school.

        As soon as everyone stripped off there was this guy who got a huge boner, people complained and he got told to leave, after that i think all the guys were trying to be careful, I know a lot of people who go are naturists and are used to it but a lot of guys like myself just go for the experience.

        I managed to stay relaxed through it, though at one point I thought I was gonna be embarrassed. He made us all lay down and cuddle into one another, and kept telling everyone to get closer and closet in together. I ended up in a situation with this really hot Spanish girl having her foot pressed against my penis, it seemed like ages we were holding the pose and I could feel her flick her toes against me, right into my pubic hair, I’m sure she was doing it deliberately to try to turn me on!

      • Year of Denim says:

        Oooh awkward.
        I went with a couple of friends who I do not usually cavort with naked.
        I spent most of the time conciously NOT looking at people!

  2. spiegel says:

    and i don’t think you’re breaking Year of Denim rules at all. You’re been following a kind of “denim or nothing” philosophy all year, so this fits right in.

  3. SOOOOOO jealous I couldn’t be there – love your clothed reportage too! I’ve always wondered about Spencer Tunic experiences tho – like WHERE DO You put your clothes while being nude, and how do you keep your stuff safe and separate from everyone elses? Or is it like a bad orgy from the 1970s?

    • Year of Denim says:

      No key/clothes/wife swapping as far as I could tell.
      Although the gay boys next to me in the Concert Hall were getting very intermingled when instructed to ‘drape’ themselves across the seats.
      We each given a plastic bag for our clothes and left them next to the Opera House steps where we all undressed.
      As far as I could tell no thieving took place.
      So a trusting loveable crowd for sure.

  4. Goffers says:

    Yay to the nudes!

  5. petenel says:

    Heavens I hope that Opera House wipe down the seats before i put my fully non-nude self down at the John Waters Show tomorrow.
    Is Nudism contagious?

    • Year of Denim says:

      While nudism isn’t contagious it is addictive so I may be attending Mr John Waters event with nothing on.
      And thoughtfully, we were provided with large plastic bags to sit on, but I know one person who claims to have sat on several seats WITHOUT a PLASTIC BARRIER!!!!
      W were in the box seats if that makes any difference to you…

      • petenel says:

        oh fully gross! Fortunately i don’t do Boxes but still, just knowing that some nude clacker has made contact somewhere in the room … i’m calling that Box Office for a REFUND.

      • Year of Denim says:

        What’s the problem? You’ll be wearing pants won’t you? Or will you surreptitiously through the evening worm them down to your ankles so you are naked arse cheeks to seat?

      • Year of Denim says:

        And anyway. What’s wrong with BOXES?
        I have one myself which I find both useful and pleasurable.

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  7. spiegel says:

    three things:
    1) don’t you think it is interesting that a person who photographs people without a stitch on is named after not one, but two, pieces of clothing?
    2) what was the man who got kicked out for revolting behaviour actually doing?
    3) Are you going to John Waters? So am I! We’re in the cheapest seats, row 1 million. actually Row X in the dress circle.

    • Year of Denim says:

      1). I don’t think the coincidence of Spencer Tunich’s name being 2 items of clothing while he photographs nudes is all that interesting
      2). The man who got kicked out was initially doing nude cartwheels, striking poses and generally showing off. He then decided, when asked to ‘drape yourselves’, to sit on the very front of the stage with his legs as wide apart as possible with an erection. Yuck
      3). Yes! I am going to John Waters, but got good seats due to excellent Opera Hose connex.
      Lets meet!

  8. raquel says:

    I love that about spencer tunic name- I had not thought of it. I wonder whether he should do a year of spencers and tunic- or just photograph people in spencers and tunics.

    gross antics sound really gross

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