Day 311: Saturday 6 March

Head cold has hit. I probably caught it from all those filthy nude people at the Spencer Tunik photo shoot on Monday.

Speaking of filthy, I have just read a sort of review in the back of today’s Sydney Morning Herald about the John Waters’ ‘This Filthy World’ show at the Opera House on Tuesday night, which I went to. The journalist Matt Buchanan talks about it second hand as a ‘PS’s man on the spot’ went, not himself Mr Buchanan.

But what really galls is Buchanan calling Divine ghastly in relation to the movie Hairspray. I mean really. As Edna Turnblad in Hairspray it is as sweet a role as Divine ever got to play. Of course he died shortly after the film opened and never got to capitalise on both that role and the male role of Arvin Hodgepile he also played in Hairspray.

So why write about something you know nothing about, didn’t witness and have no interest in? I guess that would wipe out 95% of all journalism in this country. Buchanan plays it strictly for shock and horror, second hand.

Divine as Edna Trunblad in the original Hairspray

Perhaps Divine's best known role as Babs Johnson in Pink Flamingos

So anyway, all this John Waters, Divine, Dreamland films reminiscing has made me nostalgic to see my 2 favourite movies of all time, Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble. So a movie night is being scheduled. Perhaps i should be  a bring  a plate of filthy food night, although I have been warned off that idea.

Here’s me today repulsed and dismayed on reading PS…

Horrifed and repulsed by knee jerk journalism

Top: Chambre vest, cos it’s humid

Bottom: TopSop shorts, coz it’s humid

Accessory: Denim cap cos I have vertical bed hair


6 Responses to Day 311: Saturday 6 March

  1. Goffers says:

    How can you even hold that filth in your sweet delicate lady-hands? Caviar eating crap! How to buy bread indeed.
    It is wholly humid today indeed. I would be wearing denim make-up only if I were you…come down to Erko, there is some art stuff going on.

  2. petenel says:

    I’ve never seen anyone so APPALLED.
    Wronged by the 5th Estate again (although i think ‘Mr’ Buchanan may have been there, but chooses to refer to himself in the 3rd person which is a sign of dangerous mental illness in some people).

    All i know is Hairspray is the happiest movie ever made. “Two up two back and back to the Madison” say I.

  3. Goffers says:

    By the way, you can’t blame Spencer T…

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