Day 313: Monday 8 March 2010

Today this denim thing feels like a uniform.

I suppose I’m lucky as I haven’t set up parameters like Tehching Hsieh in his series of one year performances. In one performance Hsieh punched a time clock every hour on the hour for a year, and by punch I mean put a time card into a time clock (or bundy clock as we call it here in Australia) that registers that moment in time on the card.

Hsieh figured out he would punch the clock 8760 times by the time a year came around.Unfortunately he slept through a few, only 133 though and usually because he was sleeping. Was he insane by the end due to the broken sleep?

You can read about it in this 2009 copy of the Australian art magazine Broadsheet and see some images.

So yes, I’m glad I’m soft and not a rigorous artist.  Happy that I’m flippant and ridiculous and take the easy way out rather than the hard core, devoted and intellectually rigorous route. Pleased I don’t have to do something denim related on the hour every hour for a year. I can’t even get YoD done the same time every day. I’d rather have a swim or surf at the beach, eat breakfast with a friend and amble back to the computer to blog at my lazy leisure.

A return to the beach makes sweaty denim. Ta HRH for photo taking

Top: Hand made black denim vest

Bottom: Gap jeans, slouchy

Accessory 1: Charcoal denim cp

Accessory 2: Denim bag


6 Responses to Day 313: Monday 8 March 2010

  1. Goffers says:

    The look of love! This is Australia, Island home of bludgers, slackers, and Dodgy bros. Feel no shame, celebrate!

  2. petenel says:

    Hmm yes thats all very well but I have been sensing some slacking off vis a vis The Denim Paradigm in the last few weeks. I don’t feel the getups have been fully realised expressions of the unique YOD vision.

    Embracing the Buchanan 3rd-person ethos Petenel wants to see more hi-fashion, more risk, more dress-up.
    Actually He’s over Blue I think is His problem.

    • Year of Denim says:

      PeteNel’s over the blue??!!??
      How does he think YoD feels??
      YoD is blue from wearing too much blue (so I’ve heard Yod say)

  3. raquel says:

    no far to go – Get some colour accessories into your life!

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