Day 322: Wednesday 17 March

Day 3: Week of Skirt, skort and dress

It’s another beautiful autumn day in Sydney, but unfortunately this morning I have to go to work. I HAVE to. I WANT to.

Why would I want to go to the beach? It’s so unpleasant, so sandy, so sunny, so much WATER that you can SWIM in. So much space in which to FROLIC. So many beautiful fish to LOOK at, and people to PERVE on.

Yes, going to work s a much better option. And really I couldn’t wear the today’s outfit to the beach. It would be both too hot (in temperature AND in sexiness) and too fashionable.

Year of Denim: Day 322

Marrickville's fashion week gets off to a stunning start

Top & Bottom: Original 1980s Calvin Klein denim shirt dress. How do I know it’s original? Ms E.Wild, who sent me the dress all the way from the U.S of A, claims to have worn THIS dress to a Billy Idol concert circa 1989. That’s how I know it’s providence. That and the label…

Year of Denim: Day 322

I bet Calvin Klein doesn't make his denim shirt dresses in the USA anymore

Accessory 1: Big wide denim belt. I think RaqO gave it to me. RaqO, was it you?

Accessory 2: Chanel (real or not, who’s to say?) bag, donated by the gorgeous Nettie. Congratulations on your up-coming nuptials!

I like this dress so much I’m sticking in another detail…

Year of Denim: Day 322

Even the buttons are branded


14 Responses to Day 322: Wednesday 17 March

  1. pb says:

    kapow woman on the go-go

  2. Goffers says:

    See,you do have a waist! What a get-up. Watch out for the talent spotters today, they might whisk you away in their limo…

  3. tx says:

    rodeodrive here u come

  4. louise says:

    Cutting edge as always.
    May I refer you to this news article :

  5. louise says:

    honey where have you been? the eighties is now.everything old is new again (except being a woman in you forties then you’re just old so i’m told)

    • Year of Denim says:

      So now you’re saying I’m old?
      It’s enough to make a an old lady weep.
      I have spent all morning working on cougars, not the wild cat variety either.

  6. raquel says:

    yes belt was a birthday gift from me- I like this dress on you.

  7. liz says:

    The scarf as well, the scarf really sets it all off nicely. Actually, and the sunnies.

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