Day 323: Thursday 18 March

Day 4: Week of Skirt, skort and dress

What is up with Sydney’s weather right now? How beautiful are the mornings? Am I starting to rant like a maniac on this topic? Do I have nothing else to talk about?

I could regale you with my drinking and eating tales over the last week, just don’t ask me how many times have eaten Vietnamese. Oh what the hell, I’m on a roll now.

I ate Vietnamese at my favourite local restaurant Hanoi Quan three times in 4 days. All of it was sensational. One night was marred by a post-eating visit to the ghastly local pub. Why doesn’t Marrickville have a decent pub? Why??

And last night, still nursing a slight hang-over from the night before I met the girls at a place I hope NEVER becomes my drinking den of choice, The Establishment.

After an expensive vodka, lime and soda we went upstairs to eat at est. on a $33 + glass of wine deal. My food was delicious but not quite enough.

So we left there and went next door and up 47 storeys to one of my favourite places in Sydney’s CBD The Summit for another cocktail.

Phew. Liver cleansing for me over the next week. I’m exhausted.

Year of Denim: Day 323

As the song goes, sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Top: Part 1 of my Dragstar twin set today, the distressed denim vest

Bottom: Part 2 of the twin set, Dragstar denim skirt

Accessory: Mambo two-tone denim bag full of denim bits & pieces: my denim diary, my denim wallet, my denim jeggings for yoga this evening, my denim tampon baggie


I have just read the comment that suggest I look like a school girl. At 42 (nearly 43!!) I suddenly felt like Jerri Blank from that awesome television show starring the beautiful and amazing Amy Sedaris,  Strangers With Candy. She’s an old lesbian who goes back to high school after a 20 year break…

What do you think? Am I jerri or not?


16 Responses to Day 323: Thursday 18 March

  1. holdend says:


  2. Goffers says:

    You go girl! (and yes the weather is terrifico)

  3. holdend says:

    and you look like her too …… not! For me its the high socks that look like teenage soccer players

  4. louise says:

    have you joined the exclusive brethren?

  5. meredith says:

    half your luck. i am operating on limited funds at the moment and so nice restaurants are out of my league

  6. petenel says:

    Petenel’s bizzy lifestyle has kept him from YOD for days n days.
    Is it just coz ive been abstaining or is YOD ring-a-ding zinging with Looks this week?
    And of them all Lady, today’s sub Fraulein Maria thing is making me Gaga…

    • Year of Denim says:

      As long as it’s not gaga like Jerri Blank I’m happy…

      • petenel says:

        You flibbidijibbit, you will o the wisp, you CLOWN.

        How do you pin a wave upon the sand?
        Honestly Fraulein I don’t know, but I intend to spend 14 days at a place such as Hat Head giving it a good ol aussie go …

      • Year of Denim says:

        What will you be using for pins?

  7. jane p says:

    Something spookily christain about this one.
    Yes, its the zany nun in mufti look.

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