Day 326: Sunday 21 March

Day 7: Week of skirt, skort and dress

I forgot to give my latest movie review yesterday. So here it is…

On Friday night I had the pleasure of watching Sam Raimi’s latest film Drag Me to Hell.

It’s a great return to the horror roots of his Evil Dead films rather than the mainstream success of his Spiderman movies.

The main character, a loans officer in a bank, is gormless and bland not your typical teenager about to get necked horror film character. In a bid to appear tough minded ‘able to make the hard decisions’ she refuses an elderly woman’s pleas for an extension on her house repayments.

The elderly lady gets quite upset and attacks her before being dragged out of the bank by security.  When our heroine leaves the office that evening the old lady is lying in wait and attacks her in the car. A horrible, visceral and hilarious fight between the two women results in the old lady ripping of one of the girl’s coat buttons and putting a curse on it.

Plastic button I curse thee

Fight over.

The fight scene sets up a series of encounters between the old lady and the loan officer in which every time the old lady’s revolting (see the pic above) snaggle toothed dentures fly out she sucks the girl’s chin in a slobbery embrace and the old lady rips out clumps of the girl’s hair. Somehow she manages to do this twice while a corpse and not your traditional horror film reanimated corpse.

After the curse is laid our girl starts to see and hear strange things, shadows racing up her sunny Los Angeles bungalow walls, gates creak, the wind blows and you wonder whether perhaps she is simply going mad.After she gets thrown around her bedroom it’s sort of clear that something wicked this way comes

In a revolting dream sequence the old lady spews maggots all over the heroine before she sits up in bed (sun filled room over looking the  Los Angeles skyline) next to her equally clueless psychologist boyfriend.

Anyways, I don’t want to take the fun out of it and tell you everything cos it is kind of scary in a very sign posted way. But as usual with Raimi he lightens it with laughs by doing something absolutely repulsive.

I enjoyed it immensely, although one of my film watching companions spent nearly the whole film hiding in another room, while the other claimed he could only watch the first 15 minutes alone. So watch it with friends!

I’m off to work now, yes on a Sunday! And don’t I look happy about that?

Sporting a skort, somebody do something about my hair

Top: Mum made denim vest

Bottom: Australian made skort (I know them as kulotes)

Accesory: Little denim bag in the shape of a bum


2 Responses to Day 326: Sunday 21 March

  1. I *cannot* believe in a whole week of denim skirts that you avoided the gathered dirndle numbers!

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