Day 327: Monday 22 March

Today I bid farewell to the Week of Thigh Chafe. Whoops, I mean the Week of Skirt, Skort and Dress and thankfully, gratefully, return to a nice pair of legged, crotched jeans.

In other news I am also beginning to pack up for a mid North Coast holiday. Yep, I  will be pushing the boundaries of YoD’s telecommunications set up by blogging from the remote(ish) holiday destination of Hat Head.

I’ve bought a wireless modem, I’ve bought some credit and I’m hitting the road, but not until Wednesday. In an effort to be organised I am trying to pack early.

In the meantime I’m wearing this…

Year of Denim: Day 327

Toilet paper - check; cossie - check; denim shorts - check; gimp bear - uh no

Top: Streeetch denim shirt, rides up nicely to reveal the fat sitting on my hips

Bottom: JJs skinny leg jeans

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots, unworn for the past week

Accessory 2: Small denim shoulder bag by Mavi

And can SOMEONE do SOMETHING about my damn hair???

In a little diversion, I am pleased to note that even celebrities where jeggings. Not just aging denim bloggers like me. Check out Dannii Minogue rocking a jeggings + fluoro maternity top.

And compare that with me wearing jeggings here, here and here


4 Responses to Day 327: Monday 22 March

  1. Goffers says:

    I like the hair, tres Newtown, as with the jeans…but the date really confused me, babe, too early!

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