Day 330: Thursday 25 March

Happy Birthday Grandma Monica. Too bad you’re not here to see me in all my high fashion denim glory!

Hat Head is as lovely as always. Weather is perfect. Beach is very long with 3 people on it and I’ve been there all morning. But being a slack on-holidays-cow I didn’t take my photo down there. Maybe tomorrow.

Guru, I saw a few fish splashing in the small perfect jewel like crystal cylinders and will have a snorkel in Korogooroo Creek later where hopefully there’ll be thousands of fish.

It's hot, I'm hot, my oufits not. The tree is beautiful though

Top: Supre vest building up some nic neck grime

Bottom: Cotton On chambre shorts looking alot baggie than they feel

Accessory: Denim visor, cos I am protecting myself against the fierce sun for sure


One Response to Day 330: Thursday 25 March

  1. Goffers says:

    Jealous! But happy for you in my own special way, enjoy all those lovely Hat Head offerings…wish I was there!

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