Day 333: Sunday 28 March

Finally I have added another activity to the lovely endless days of doing nothing… I went for walk out to Little Beach on Hat Head.

I used this walk to stretch my legs and also to produce a new modelling portfolio with noted fashion photographer Pete Nel.  Some of the photos are quite saucy, impish and racy. But have a look for yourself…

Oooh aaah, you can see my bra

Everyone loves the sunshine, even cross eyed people like me

Sassy one footed amputee on a rock

Artful and sensual and sandy in the gusset area

A sermon from my pulpit, still only one foot

Perky peek-a-boo wet denim vest shot

Top: Supre denim vest

Bottom: Chambre Cotton On shorts, now grubby

Accessory: Denim sun visor works a treat


11 Responses to Day 333: Sunday 28 March

  1. holdan says:

    now that is a portfolio. for realy. love it. work the camera baby, work it, work it.

  2. spiegel says:

    down at the metro, the competition’s pretty fierce though….

    loving the deborah kerr shoreline romp in photo #2, but where’s burt?
    also love the last one


    I meant to write HOT – but it came out a bit owlish :/
    I found some Excelent puffy denim stickers for you…. coz I reckon you should make a YOD scrapbook!

  4. tx says:

    yes to the teasy bra looks. they should be getting you dates!

    • Year of Denim says:

      Slim pickings up here on he mid north coast, although the neighbour did just have his lesbian daughter stay a few days.. with her girlfriend

  5. Goffers says:

    humaah! yes yes and more yes.

  6. Brett says:

    Work. Of. Art!

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