Architectural highlights of Hat Head

For a small coastal village Hat Head has quite a diversity of architecture, from traditional fibro beach houses through to not 1 but 2 Hat Head Hiltons!

This little ripper is a Hilton!

The sign says so

And the other Hat Head Hilton is this architectural delight from yesteryear…

With a caravan and shed out the back there's room for everyone at this inn!

Nicely hand crafted sign, something the bigger hotels should look into

If you are worried about entertainment when you come to Hat Head you need look no further than the Hat Head Bowling Club. Not only does it have Friday night meat raffles it also has a chocka block program of entertainment over the weekend and fine dining in it’s ala carte restaurant…

The red brick of the club is one of its many distinctive features

Hat Head club

From bowling green 2 you can see Hat Head itself

The club is not the only building in the town to use red brick to great effect…

Hat Head architecture

This stunning design has a concealed door onto the deck

Hat Head architecture

Using the golden mean this garage has an excellent view

Other materials used well to build the town are fibro and weatherboard…

Hat Head architecture

Well hacked trees nicely frame this classic fibro beach house

Hat Head architecture

Modest fibro home with gigantic shed out back

Hat Head architecture

An easy care block adds to the charm of this weatherboard beauty

Hat Head architecture

Only happy faces with this charmer

From these photos you would think that pale yellow and red brick dominate the town. You would be wrong!

Hat Head architecture

A bold colour scheme used well

Hat Head architecture

Lilac or blue? I can't decide

Hat Head architecture

Bold blue house sets of besa block fence well

It’s not all old style either. It looks like some riche people have come to town building weekend getaways from the bustling metropolises of Port Macquarie, Kempsey and Newcastle.

Hat Head architecture

House bigger than it's block plus pool as the 100m to the beach is too far

Hat Head architecture

Kilometres of fencing conceal... I'm not sure, it's hidden

Hat Head architecture

An inviting facade welcomes visitors to this newish home

These new home owners must be so proud

There is still some rustic charm scattered around if you look carefully…

Hat Head architecture

Everything old is new again

Hat Head architecture

A contemporary beach house yet looking to the past

Up on the south east hill is where the fancy new Bali/beach style homes have been built. But I was seen lurking around with my camera and felt too embarrassed to take close ups…

Hat Head architecture

These houses have few north down the beach to Smokey Cape. Nice

But there is still some more traditional holiday accommodation around…

Hat Head architecture

A row of fine looking caravans await guests eagerly


7 Responses to Architectural highlights of Hat Head

  1. holdan says:

    I love that green and yellow house! Hope you are having fun x

  2. Goffers says:

    I like the garage, so succinct. Great shots!

  3. liz says:

    That’s a hilarious post.

  4. HRH says:

    Maybe this should be ur new blog… Jambo’s Junket- the best of the burbs

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