Day 338: Good Friday 2 April

What a great Friday it has turned into here on my final full day in Hat Head. It’s also EXACTLY 4 weeks until the End of the Year of Denim.

This morning I got up, walked the dog and checked the surf. The sun is shining, but a small southerly wind is blowing keeping things cool. I ate breakfast, read for a bit. Then I hit the surf. And had a fantastic surf in perfect conditions for me. Lots of waves, a bit big but not too big, the water must be 23 degrees here, like a bath.

I had been surfing for at least an hour when there was a huge splash and a dolphin leapt into the air about 50m from where I was. A dolphin! After Wednesday’s rainbow it’s all a bit much!

After the life affirming dolphin/ surfing experience PN and I wandered down to the creek for a snorkel. Amazing clarity today, heaps of marine life, but none of the big ticket flashy types like turtles or rock cod. But it was lovely and I loved it and I can’t believe tomorrow morning I have to head back to Sydney.

Year of Denim

Poised artfully and denimfully on Ammaboolah's balcony

Top/ Bottom combo: Denim playsuit last worn in Noosa in June last year, and doesn’t it show off my tan line to excellent effect?

Accessory 1: Glittery denim hat with the brim folded trilby style

Accessory 2: Denim birkies. Comfy


7 Responses to Day 338: Good Friday 2 April

  1. anne kay says:

    Wow! Lucky you!!


  2. holdan says:

    glad you are having such a great time.

  3. raquel says:

    love the playsuit- and lucky dolphin experience

  4. Goffers says:

    She’s got legs, she knows how to use ’em…

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