Day 343: Wednesday 7 April

As I said a few days ago I am attempting to wear those things I either promised I would or swore I would never. So unfortunately today that means I am wearing this…

Year of Denim

Looking like a Mormon, feeling like a fraud

Top & Bottom combo: Yep, I am wearing something I swore I would NEVER wear on this blog… Miller! Yes it’s a Miller Big Love styled Mormon-esque denim maxi dress. Why am I wearing it? Because it was given to me and in the rules of YoD I promised to wear ANYTHING ANYONE gave me. I have put it off since Christmas (when I received this bounteous gift)

Accessory: To fully render the hausfrau/ Mormon lady look I have gone with the head skarf

Honestly, I don’t know how long I will be able to wear this dress. Clothes maketh the (wo)man as Shakespeare wrote, and I am not sure I like what this dress makes me.

Suddenly I appear to be a middle aged woman. Strictly speaking that is actually true, but do I HAVE to dress like one? When I see this photo I don’t see someone playing dress-up, or slipping ironically into an hilariously ugly outfit, I see a middle aged woman who needs to get a new bra, and quite possibly a new life.

I cannot promise that I will be psychologically ABLE to wear this dress all day. For my mental well being I am probably going to have to slip into something  a little less appropriate and a little more my mind’s eye of me.

I want to be less this….

Year of Denim

Mormon ladies rocking out in denim frocks

And more this…

Lucious lady daring in a denim jumpsuit

Thanks to ana australiana for sending this hot picture my way.


25 Responses to Day 343: Wednesday 7 April

  1. spiegel says:

    this says not so much mormon to me as exclusive brethren, who i think are even wackier

  2. holdend says:


  3. liz says:

    I don’t think it’s such a bad look.

  4. Goffers says:

    You really need to pair it with some white puffy gym boots to complete the functional exclusive look! And put your shoulders back and stand with pride! About the only thing you are religious about is denim. Go ahead and change, no-one will know.

  5. holdend says:

    you butter churner you

  6. Tim H says:

    what can i say? maybe hack some sidesplits into it and add some more cinch? either way this pic is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  7. pb says:

    Yes I see what you mean It’s a Denim straitjacket.
    For the MIND!

  8. Brilliant again. this is so much braver than extreme sports camel toe. I think we need a public movement of embracing our inner Bev’s in urban areas….that picture of the mormons on mass is INSPIRING? could you imagine if they did a strip show? or a porn shoot? or a happening at HOT MESS?

  9. hellou says:

    bless you sister jane may all your love be BIG LOVE.

  10. I’m currently In Negotiations with Josephine! 😉

  11. HRH says:

    that outfit is a howler

  12. HRH says:

    Makes you look tall though

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