Day 344: Thursday 8 April

Today marks a return to a less Mormon sense of style. It’s a bit more typical of a Year of Denim outfit, which I acknowledge, has not been too heavy on the dresses or skirts.

And I suppose there is a huge clamouring to know if I stayed IN the Mormon dress all day. The answer is no. The reason? In that dress I walked the dog down at the scenic and majestic Cook River, the Mississippi if the inner west, and yesterday was a dewy sort of a morning, and that dress is long, and that dress soaked up an awful lot of moisture across it’s bottom 2 inches.

It felt revolting having this damp denim slapping up against my ankles, however I persevered in wearing it. Then, in excellent housewife fashion, which you all have to admit I was dressed for yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen IN THAT FROCK.

By the time I finished it stank and I stank. So I changed into another dress. Of course being idiotic I didn’t photograph the new frock, but let me say that it wasn’t so comfortable to wear either. It has 10 press studs down the front doing it up. Every time I sit down the bottom 3 studs pop open, with one stud over my muff being permanently open.

Even though I wasn’t comfortable in my Mormon dress yesterday you will be happy to know that I was no more comfortable in a dress I felt was more my style.

Here I am today,practically invisible…

Me and the milkcrates watch the weather

Top: Black denim vest, hand crafted

Bottom: Miss Sixty too tight muffin top jeans

Accessory 1: Off to the beach so a hat seems sensible

Accessory 2: American Airlines travel bag, denim


5 Responses to Day 344: Thursday 8 April

  1. petenel says:

    Crikey i just saw yesterdays Big Love look.
    Dog walking? House Work? Lady, you’re nuts!

    YOD should have spent the day doing arts n crafts; I have a vision – YOD in that outfit at The Compound in some shack with the sister wives being folksy and CREATIVE – i believe you picked up some handy hints on the Holiday Coast vis a vis Seed Collages?

    • Year of Denim says:

      Yes I am NUTS!
      And you are so right.
      I NEED a compound.
      I NEED some sister wives (hold off on the polygamist husband tho)
      I NEED to do some arts n crafts.
      PN, buy me a compound

  2. Goffers says:

    Muff stud open, makes me hungry.

  3. holdend says:

    much more the jane I know and lurv

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