Day 346: Saturday 10 April

The end of The Year of Denim is rushing up very quickly. So little time left to wear some of my fav’ denim bits ‘n’ bobs. I can’t decide whether I should go full cold turkey on the denim and do a Year of No Denim. If I DO do that then I must revel, frolic, luxuriate and immerse myself in the pleasures of denim.

And FINALLY I have got my act together to do some denim customising. It’s all for a very special night next week hosted by the gorgeous and hirsute Vanessa Wagner…

So if you want to see me getting OUT of my denims come along. If you want me to win money cheer. I’ll be wearing this little thing I have been customising…

I'm crafty AND studly

But in the meantime today I am wearing this…

See all my books? I betcha didn't know I can read

Top: I adore this Dragstar denim vest. Unfortunately I have to give it back at the end of YoD

Bottom: Levi’s modern (not vintage) flares, bought pre-YoD, will I keep them?

Accessory: Another pre YoD purchase, little Japanese denim cap. I Heart You


6 Responses to Day 346: Saturday 10 April

  1. holdan says:

    woah attitude. bring it, polkers.

  2. raquel says:

    I love this look and am so please you will find a special occassion to wear (if only momentarily) that denim item from Newcastle.. I wont spoil the surprise.

  3. Goffers says:

    NERD needs you for Rockstar video!

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