Day 347: Sunday 11 April

It’s HOT out today, which makes the denim selection that bit much harder. I am also off to my friend Jacqueline Millner’s launch for her book Conceptual Beauty today at Glebe Books so I can’t be too scrappy, although, honestly I do look pretty scrappy. But then denim can both  be smart and scrappy, and I hope I fall into the smart scrappy, not crappy scrappy category today…

Rocky scrappy crappy haired style

Top: Supre pre-distressed vest, freshly laundered so the collar is currently not yellow

Bottom: Jay Jay’s skinny Jeans also pre distressed, which takes all the stress out of aging your denim. I also have give this sideways perspective because front-on was simply too bulgy today

Accessory: Lightfoot Studio denim bag, awesome


4 Responses to Day 347: Sunday 11 April

  1. Goffers says:

    It’s hot but you look cool, I mean hot!

  2. Tim H says:

    it’s quite ROCKER

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