Day 348: Monday 12 April

Today is the start of a very special week: the week where I am Dressed by Flaps. Actually, it’s more a week of Flaps’ Choice, as some clothes have been carefully selected by Flaps from the archives of the Year of Denim, while others are supplied by the Flaps fashionistas.

FYI Flaps is a zine put together by Raquel Ormella and Regina Walter. You can read more about it here…

Dressed by Flaps: Day 1

Today’s Flap-tastic ensemble utilises peices from RaqO’s wardrobe, with a YoD Accessory…

Surprised at the bar... Me (in denim), a pineapple and two poodles

Top: Very cool, chic and sophisticated blast from the vaults, a vintage (I detetst that word) Blues Union jcket with lovely leather piping

Bottom: Levi’s flares with red stitching and bonus crotch sewing. Apparently there have been  chafing issues in the past!

Accessory: YoD’s very own America Holidays denim travel bag, tying the ensemble together with red detailing. Studded belt is also courtesy of Flaps


12 Responses to Day 348: Monday 12 April

  1. Goffers says:

    How exciting! Fresh clothes to corrupt! Go FLAPS GO!

  2. holdan says:

    love this! fresh as a daisy – look at that face – ready for anything

  3. raquel says:

    don’t forget Flaps recommends wearing lots of colour- especially green and red with denim. x

  4. Tim H says:

    bright, breezy, cheeerful and chirpy – a far cry from that mormon-esque getup!

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