Day 350: Wednesday 14 April

Flaps Decides: Day 3

Help! Flaps! I can’t find the ‘skirt with the split’!

It was some time ago that Flaps came around with a pile of denim and sifted through my wardrobe to create The Week of Flaps. Now I can’t find one of the items I am supposed to wear, so I’m wearing something else that I have never seen before, don’t know HOW it got into my wardrobe or who put it there. But I think it’s akin to the ‘skirt with a split’.

Oh and  the YoD IS having a celebration to commemorate the end of the Year of Denim. It will be on Saturday 1 May from 8pm at my house. I will endeavour to create a beautiful denimful invitation tonight and post it tomorrow. Otherwise if you are reading this consider yourself invited.  There will be an enforced strict dress code of double denim, so start thinking of what to wear.

Here’s me today…

No that's not a beard on my face, it's a shadow

Top: Ladakh striped Mao collar jacket

Bottom: This is the unknown skirt I am wearing to replace the ‘skirt with a split’. I found it in a pile of denim n my bedroom floor

Accessory: Mavi small, sweet denim bag, hardly a carry all though


14 Responses to Day 350: Wednesday 14 April

  1. teepee says:

    wonderful choice of socks YoD!Also envious of double denim pocket on your Mavi.

  2. holdend says:

    lurv the socks. give them to me.

  3. raquel says:

    Yes the socks are a old favourite- early noughties style- after Tokyo tho’ I realise there is a whole new look in leg wear- layers tonal and textural – tights, socks and legwarmers- problem is it mostly looks good on skinny bitch legs.

    I took “the skirt with a split” home to wash and in my pre-travel haste did not drop it back- can do before final.

  4. Goffers says:

    Is it roller girl’s sexy sister? I’m glad you’re doing it at your house, that way we can lie on your denim bedpread…I am going to try for triple denim.

  5. Can’t we play dressups at ur house? Nanna really wants to try that button thru number….

  6. Tim H says:

    nice cuffs on that mao collared jacket! luvving the soft shaggy do.

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