Day 358: Wednesday 21 April

What a surprise! I don’t have a hangover this morning. Not that I wake up EVERY day with a hangover and so that NOT having one is cause for remark.

No. It’s that I went out on the town (if you can call Petersham ‘The Town’), had a pretty delicious Portugese dinner, which kindly shredded the roof of my mouth, drank a fair bit. Then decided, no, we need MORE drinks! So off to Newtown for a few nightcaps at The Bank (boring), then a couple more at the Town and Country (where the atmosphere is great (thanks to Slim Dusty)). Then finally home.

As I first said, what a surprise I am NOT hung-over. In fact I look down right perky this misty morning.

Misty hippy apparition in the front yard

Top: Thanks Supre for all your cheap denim, including this distressed style vest

Bottom: Cut-offs, hell yeah

Accessory 1: Denim birkies singing into the grass

Accessory 2: Denim head scarf

I’m off to walk the dog and go for a snorkel, and who knows I might even change my outfit for my movie date this afternoon.

Oh and quick reminder….


13 Responses to Day 358: Wednesday 21 April

  1. HRH says:

    you’re looking a bit winsome in that ensemble…

  2. spiegel says:

    you look about 15 in that picture! that’s what a night out in petersham does for you. living in petersham certainly keeps me young. i am actually 107 years old. which place, out of the vast range of portuguese possibilities, did you eat at?

    • Year of Denim says:

      Mouth shredding, but delicious. The pork and pippy stew thing was amazing, as was my meat on a stick, the rack of lamb, the garlic prawns. Mmm mmm

  3. HRH says:

    winsome \WIN-suhm\ , adjective;
    1.Cheerful; merry; gay; light-hearted.
    2.Causing joy or pleasure; agreeable; pleasant.

  4. Goffers says:

    Pretty pretty! You are a woman of a thousand faces. And a million outfits.

  5. petenel says:

    I had an auntie called Winsome.
    Sadly her character was pretty much the opposite of the adjectival traits in HRH’s dictionary extract.

    You do have a certain Extreme Makeover-ish faux youthful appearance today. Is your BigLove head-scarf too tight perhaps?

  6. HRH says:

    I thought more new world Heidi/Helga with that head scarf… could easily be seen skipping alongside some Nordic fiord or upon some Swiss alp…

  7. HRH says:

    Indeed yodeling… and cartwheeling…

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