Day 360: Friday 23 April

It’s the final countdown….

Yes, one week for the Year of Denim FROM TODAY!!!

I’m trying to dredge up some new looks without actually purchasing anything new (cos I’m a cheapskate), although if I wander past a charity fashion boutique today I might just pop in to see what they have.

I can’t decide what my penultimate denim outfit should be. Should it come from the YoD archives? Or should it be something never before seen? Should I wear multiple outfits? Or no denim at all?

Here’s today.

A tribute to hair metal or bedhead... you decide

Top: JeansWest shrug. How much cheap arse JeansWest, JayJays, Target, K-Mart, Supre denim do I have? Heaps. But even then I bought 99% of it at the op shop

Bottom: Mink Pink denim shorts, it’s gunna be hoot today and I’m heading off for asnorkel on the northside. Hurrah

Accessory: Very expensive (I have no idea of it’s price, it was a gift from the Guru) Japanese denim bag with awesome bamboo handles

Also only 1 week + 1 day until….


10 Responses to Day 360: Friday 23 April

  1. Goffers says:

    Stunning fashionista! The hair, the attitude, the expensive bag! Tres impressive.
    As for you YOD outfit…wear your most murderous outfit, that is my advice.

  2. Tim Hilton says:

    ooooh lalalalala! sexay!

  3. holdan says:

    the final countdown is one of my favourite songs EVER!!

  4. pb says:

    Anna Wintour
    Eat your Make up!

  5. petenel says:

    I’ve never been so excited by a fashion pic EVER.

    The fem-bot sexdolly you used in this extraordinary tableau is so realistic, so lifelike. Its only the inhuman angle of the pose and the unnatural flawlessness of the complexion that gave it away (well at least to sensitive observant readers such as petenel).

    Then again petenel is a little bit emotional vis-a-vis the last week of YOD coming HARD up against the NRL Crisis. What a terrible time in history.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Oh yes, it’s a shocking time… Historically speaking I think it’s interesting these NRL troubles have occurred on the ANZAC weekend. I suspect, like ANZAC, it will the making of Australia’s character.
      And thanks for noticing my new sex doll who is almost identical to me.

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