Day 362: Sunday 25 April

Being ANZAC Day I suppose I SHOULD be doing a tribute to our troops, but being a pacifist I find it problematic to glorify and celebrate war, killing and invasion of other people’s countries.

Instead I’m doing a tribute to Justin Beiber!

Who? He is the new Lief Garret, David Cassidy, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Yes, he’s a teen pop prodigy he is 16 but looks 12. And he has excellent hair brushed forward very artistically.

Only listen to this if you want your ears to bleed. It’s the most nothing piece of contemporary pop I’ve heard in a very long time.

But check out his shiny shiny hair…

Hi my name is Justin Bieber. I've got shiny hair

I have tried to emulate Justin Bieber, but it’s difficult when you are a 42 year old woman and he’s a 16 year old boy yet to hit puberty…

Back off paparazzi, mind my hair

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket. Don’t know if Mr Bieber does double denim, but as he’s from Canada you would have to think he rocks the Canadian Tuxedo

Bottom: JayJays skinny jeans. Bieber tends to wear his baggy to hide jut how weedy he is

Accessory: Lightfoot Studio bag, gotta give it back soon. I have yet to see Justin Bieber with a denim bag, but you never know


10 Responses to Day 362: Sunday 25 April

  1. petenel says:

    That’s the best impression of Justin Bieber you have EVER done. Uncanny hair-semblance.
    He’s no Little Jimmy Osmond but hey what do i know …

  2. holdend says:

    love this

  3. Goffers says:

    Babybabybaby NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am ruined now. Good look, I see the resemblance but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. liz says:

    no i like it.

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