Day 364: Tuesday 27 April

Today I look back at yesteryear for denim inspiration. Yes I am going the other way from contemporary fashion. I have turned my back on the skinny leg jean and instead have embraced the bell bottom like there’s no tomorrow.

While there IS a tomorrow here on YoD and a day after, and another day after and a day after that, after that day (Friday) there is NO YEAR of DENIM! Although I MIGHT have to embrace a LIFE of denim…

I had promised some special edition blogs this week that somehow have yet to occur. The final day there is an extra special photo shoot with guest blogger, and I also have a small treat planned for tomorrow and maybe the day after that too.

So chin up, here’s today…

Showing off some op shop handi-crafts, my flares and my new bag

Top: From way back before the dawn of the Year of Denim comes this incredible slice of vintage denim.  It’s mine

Bottom: Bell bottoms are the new skinny legs, you saw it here first. No more will you have to look at men’s skinny legs I predict

Accessory 1: Denim cap sent down from QLD in the early days of YoD. I still like it and will be keeping it

Accessory 2: My mum made me this denim bag from stripy denim I was given waaaay back with plans to do a little sewing. Once the sewing machine left the building I was stranded. Luckily Mum stepped into the breach and whipped this up for me. Thanks Mum. For everything

Don’t forget the end of YoD on Saturday night…


18 Responses to Day 364: Tuesday 27 April

  1. Goffers says:

    Flares are so cool, they allow air to travel up the leg and give curves that extra flattering flounce.
    You sure love that red piping!
    I love what your mum made.

  2. holdend says:

    that is a really freaking cool bag. I will have to see it in the flesh to wrap my head around it

  3. raquel says:

    very nice bag Mum!

  4. spiegel says:

    love your use of “yesteryear”. a top word, not used enough, i reckon. and there is no reason for bellbottoms to be yesteryear any more and i’m sure they won’t be, now that you’ve brought them back to the world’s attention.
    with best wishes,
    A sub

    • Year of Denim says:

      Dear A sub,
      I thank you for your comment, it is well received.
      I hope to see you in the office with a super pair of V knees tomorrow.
      Best YoD

  5. spiegel says:

    p.s. can’t believe it’s day 364

    • Year of Denim says:

      Your comment above marks the 2,600th comment on YoD.
      Congratulations, you will receive a special denim prize on Saturday night

  6. spiegel says:

    is there a prize for the 2,601st too?

  7. petenel says:

    Here’s cheers to your prediction re the future of mens legs. WISE AS!

    I cant believe come Saturday I wont get to type “Hey Lady dotdotdot ..” EVER again. At least not to you, oh First Lady of Flares.

  8. deBower says:

    Woman! I love it, I have to say that it’s so becomes you, the red detail and the bell bottoms, very tasty indeed! I had denim overalls that I wore when preggers, happily gave them away to another pregnant lady. They were also bell bottoms. Searching, really searching for double denim combo that will match this look for year denim

  9. HRH says:

    I see you’ve inspired the cover of Madison magazine!

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